Rumah-i makes renting easier

Rumah-i offers a free one-stop platform to aid both new property investors and tenants across the entire rental cycle.
Rumah-i has introduced an end-to-end property rental tool bringing new levels of simplicity, convenience and security for both property investors and tenants. The multifaceted app acts as a one-stop solution with the ability to list a property for rent, interact with interested parties and sign paperwork amongst a growing list of services.
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Commenting on the app, Bryan Tan, CEO and Founder of Rumah-i notes: “By providing a free platform for property listings, Rumah-i decentralises the property rental market by breaking down conventional market barriers through accessible tools that simplify the whole property rental cycle. Rumah-i also revolutionizes the room rental market by simplifying the process and adding an element of security for both the landlords and tenants.”
Through a basic 4-step strategy,Rumah-i engages with property investors to identify target tenant demographics. Rumah-i’s experts then devise a costing, marketing, listing and even makeover strategies that is tailored to the target audience.
Available services include home matching, rental tools, ancillary services as well as loyalty and benefits.
Through Rumah­i’s rental tools, finding the right tenant is easier than ever with renters’ profiles complete with credit scores to help landlords assess default risk. Once the match has been made, Rumah-i offers Malaysia’s first digital tenancy feature that complies with the Digital Signature Act 1997. This allows both parties to safely, securely and conveniently confirm legal matters of the tenancy.

Rumah-i Bryan Tan

Once the deal is sealed, the auto rental collection system, damage reporting mechanisms equipped with an inhouse repair team to address damages as well as an up to date tenancy overview would be activated. Rumah-i also features an in-app chat functionality which offers a neutral space for landlords to communicate with their tenants.
Rumah-i is also working towards building an i-Community for tenants and property investors to nurture increased community engagement.
The app was founded by Bryan in 2019 after experiencing difficulties in renting out his own properties and finding that the existing market solutions did not meet his goal of a quick, easy and convenient experience. APR

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