45-sec orange juice

An orange juice a day keeps the doctor away!

There is a ubiquitous vending machine in Singapore that can’t escape a thirsty tourist. Whether inside or outside a shopping mall, an office tower or near a tourist attraction, this bright orange vending machine called IJooz brand of Orange Juice (OJ) gets a second look. Not just because you are thirsty but because of the promise of fresh juice being whipped up on the spot by a machine.

You get to see it all – no hiding how many oranges were actually used. I counted between three and four. No peeling of the orange skin is done – the Ijooz proprietary juicer squeezes the oranges with the skin still on but with a cut to let out only the juice – all within 45 seconds!

At S$2 or S$3 per cup depending on your location, it is the cheapest fruit juice drink in Singapore. In pricey Singapore, this is a godsend. Not only is it fresh chilled juice (imported from Australia), the setup is also very hygienic and user-friendly.

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