2020 FengShui, Where To Invest?

This year, the auspicious directions are at the North West and North East, do take advantage and harvest positive energies, says Fengshui expert.

Master Seldan Lim is a Fengshui Mind Body Spirit Coach and Keynote Speaker. He is also a Global Consultant for Expedia on Feng Shui worldwide destinations. Connect with Master Seldan Lim on Facebook and www.seldan.org

2020 is the year of the Golden or Metal Rat. The ancient wisdom quotes: The early bird catches the worm as we start the Lunar New Year. Combining both Water and Metal from the 5 elements, it provides strength, sharp angles and offers flexibility to navigate the next 12 months.

Gazing on the crystal ball, communities would continue to disagree with one another. From US-China relations, UK Brexit, new government elections, trade unions and citizens. In this disruptive environment, it would create opportunities in the diversification of popular property asset classes.

Where to put your money

For property assets consider these destinations: To manage risk, spreading out the sources of materials or manufacturing suppliers could present opportunities in the asset around new or existing hubs such as Hanoi, Vietnam or Penang, Malaysia.

Agriculture/farms to feed the world’s hungry population present new hot spots at Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan located within Central Asia, with organic produce already exporting to their Russian, European and China neighbours. As these countries develop their infrastructure, property projects would gain favour.

With the continuing trend of a rising upper class, there would be a demand for both high-quality education and living. Favourite destinations would be Europe, particularly London, in the UK; Munich, Germany, and Leuven, Denmark.

For North America, Canadian cities like Toronto and Ottawa while American cities like Seattle and Massachusetts are highly sought after. Closer in Asia, China has spread its influence around the world and the authentic Chinese language is being taught at major cities such as Beijing.

Ecommerce has left a deep impact and disrupted both retail and commercial assets. Logistics and manufacturing properties have become popular to produce and distribute products in Kaohsiung and Tainan, in Taiwan, and Guangdong and Shanghai in China.

The tax haven, Macau, may also present hospitality potential apart from their well-established and growing status as an important regional financial centre.

Upcoming cities which are a magnet for producing innovative successful companies such as Singapore, California, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo would continue to be popular and the demand for properties would continue to flourish. Consider diversification and make an informed decision as part of your wealth enhancement strategies.

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