Women of Essence Get-Together

Bkay Nair Resources recently held is “Women of Essence” workshop that was attended by women from diverse industries. Since women have more than one role in daily life and often have difficulty in managing their lives, founder  of Bkay Nair Resources Bkay Nair devised this programme for women to network and to encourage them to rise above.

“We may not have the opportunity to share things between our work so much. So we need such sources of motivation and brought together the women around us so that they could talk to each other, make new friends, share their stories, problems and joys,” she shares.

The workshop was aimed to inspire and encourage the participants towards a more confident “me”. The workshop encompassed talks from inspirational speakers, sharing of personal experiences and also tips to enhance self confidence from professionals. Moving forward, the initiative include plans to schedule a conference this coming May 2020 for ladies as part of its initiative to bring a change for women in need for “A new ME”.

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