Watch out for boom in 2024 – 2025, predicts Gavin Tee

Dato Sri Gavin Tee predicts a property boom in Malaysia during 2024 – 2025 which conforms to his 12-year property cycle forecast.

“The best time to invest in the Malaysian property market is during 2021 – 2022 as a boom is likely in 2024 -2025 which aligns with my predicted 12- year property cycle,” says Dato Sri Gavin Tee, a popular speaker and property entrepreneur at his 15th Annual Property Forecast talk entitled “Property Megatrends in a Post Pandemic World” held recently in Petaling Jaya.
Tee, who is also the Principal Consultant of Fangdao Property Club, believed that 2022 is the year when the Fourth Property Cycle coincides with the start of the Recovery Timeline for the property market in Malaysia.
“This timeline has started since the 4th quarter of 2021 and will continue for the next 12 years ending in 2032,” he told reporters.
Citing the previous cycle which began around 2019, Tee recalled that it was the best time ever to invest in property. He predicted that this cycle will be repeated in 2022.
“Similarly, the boom years of 2012 – 2013 following the start of the 12-year cycle will be repeated 12 years later in 2024 – 2025 when we can expect a boom,” he predicted.
Mega Changes
With the volatility in geopolitics and international relations following the start of the Russian – Ukraine war in February, Tee predicted the economic power reshuffle will cause big changes in the purchasing preferences and buying behaviour of foreign investors.
Among the rising stars that would emerge are China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam which would be high in the radar of investors looking at property investment amid rapid economic growth. Following closely behind are ASEAN and South America.
On the other hand, developed nations like the US, UK, France, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong would be stagnant or experience a decline.
Elaborating on Malaysia, Tee said the country would experience many changes due to the impact of a changing global investment climate, a change in tourism destination preferences and technology advancement including the introduction of 5G.
“There will be a major reshuffle and overhaul of the Malaysian property market,” he stressed. At the same time, businesses are undergoing many transformations with corporate restructurings happening in many organisations. Property development, design, pricing and investment destinations are adapting to the new environment in a bid to stay relevant.
“As a result, the investment strategies and methods have also changed.”
This has ledTee anda group of property experts to set up the Malaysia Property Owners and Landlords Association to deal with the new environment. They will study the evolving situation and share their findings with the public periodically. APR

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