Tony Ang, General Manager (Southeast Asia), Crestron Electronics talks about his company’s advanced control and automation systems.
APR: Crestron’s platform is referred to as ‘unprecedented technology’. What are these features?
TA: Crestron’s platform differs from similar products in the market as it allows clients to easily infuse technology into spaces and integrate them within a single system, all while managing them securely on a robust network. Our technology puts the control in people’s hands, while remaining scalable, networkable, and reportable. Beyond that, our solutions ensure that the use of technology within spaces are seamless, stress-free, and intuitive for all users, regardless of technical background.
APR: To date, how many buildings have already installed this solution?
TA: Crestron was founded 40 years ago – over these years, we’ve continued to innovate and develop our technology to support thousands of clients and buildings around the world, across the Education, Hospitality, Government, and Residential sectors.
APR: Can this platform control older equipment which is not WiFienabled?
TA: We’d need to first assess the equipment, but we do provide solutions that support legacy products.
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APR: Can one product be used to control multiple floors e.g. a 3-storey bungalow or a 50-storey office building? In other words, what is the maximum coverage that can be achieved by the product?
TA: This would be dependent on how the infrastructure is planned and designed. However, in most cases, the scalable and networkable nature of our solutions allows for this to be easily achieved.
APR: What are the chances of the system being hacked into as I assume it relies on Internet connectivity?
TA: A secure AV network ensures its own reliability by protecting the integrity of the content being delivered and the privacy of the personnel accessing it. Taking our latest DigitalMedia Network AV Encoder/Decoder product, DM NVX, as an example, we employ advanced security features and protocols which deliver a truly enterprisegrade network AV solution, engineered to fulfill the demanding IT policies of corporate, university, medical, military, and governmental clients. DM NVX runs on a dedicated AV network, with fullymanaged access to, or isolation from, the customer’s local-area network (LAN) or the Internet.
We’re committed to ensuring our systems stay secure – in fact, every branch of the U.S. Armed Services, and scores of government agencies around the world rely on Crestron enterprise solutions to control and manage the highest levels of AV network security. From network operation centres to field command operations, Crestron control systems are deployed in secure government and military environments worldwide.
APR: Does the security aspect of the system link directly to the police or hospital?
TA: Yes, and this is achievable through working with system integrators and the client’s selected telco.

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