You can still have solid profits as long as you stay ahead with the right market intelligence irrespective of the political situation.

Trump victory will try to bring about balance in global power and new rules of engagement will be set. Markets are overreacting since they were believing that Hillary Clinton would win. Market players were wrong.

Trump will have new rules of engagement with all the global players including Russia, China, Europe and Japan.

Market players and markets are finding it arduous to believe the result but sophisticated investors were already aware since they have witnessed Brexit. Financial markets misread the economics of election and did not really comprehend the actual variables driving the US presidential race. We have shared market intelligence reports with our investors since June 2016 about Trump winning the election. This is Brexit Part 2 for the global economy.

Global decision making will be revisited by a few players. Diplomatic maneuvering will take a new form of engagement based on respecting each other’s sovereign identity.

Speaking on in June 2016 to the top brass of one of the biggest Sovereign Wealth Funds globally, we shared 2 market intelligence reports based on ground reality:

1. Brexit

2. US elections.

It was surprising for many people since the start of this year what I have been sharing about various global economic events and asset classes including:

  1. Real Estate
  2. Yuan
  3. Gold
  4. Oil and Gas
  5. Global economic volatility

Fortunately, our market reports have proven correct and our clients have been ahead of the game in terms of information and deep insights about the markets. When I started sharing about Donald Trump winning the elections along with Ziad Abdelnour, people started calling me different names such as:

  1. Academic Economist – Chicago Booth wiseacres’ alumni and pro-Hillary supporters.
  2. Comedian – by a big biotechnology authority (university professor) in California.
  3. Brainless person – By bubble people in USA/UK.
  4. Obsessed person – People born in Dadu and got American passport.

So my message to them is:

“When others go low, you go high” Michelle Obama

The golden rule of Investment:

Do your research and home work; gather market intelligence reports to stay ahead.

Sophisticated investors are gathering market intelligence reports and not following the mainstream media. Most smart investors are revisiting asset portfolios and have parked funds in the following proportion:

  1. Cash – 30%
  2. Real estate – 20%
  3. Gold and Silver – 15%
  4. Arts – 5%
  5. Oil and Gas stocks – 10%
  6. Natural resources/Technology – 10%
  7. Global Macro Economy – 10%

In these turbulent times, information has become ‘money’. Gathering the right market intelligence reports based on true facts, unbiased intellectual purity and above all, strong engagement with clients can lead investors to make solid profits in the long run. Happy investing.

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