TK Elevator wins Elevator World ‘Project of the Year 2022’ award

TK Elevator’s Taiyuan Botanical Garden project in Shanxi, China, was recognized in the “Moving Walks” category. It is the longest and highest moving walk installation by the company in China.
TK Elevator has yet again proven again its leading edge in the industry after having clinched the “Project of the Year 2022” award under the “Moving Walks” category. This is the company’s third consecutive win for the prestigious award.
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Located at the Taiyuan Botanical Garden project in Shanxi, the moving walkway provided by TK Elevator, extends through an opening through the roof of the entrance building. This is the highlight of the park that was designed by Austrian architect firm Delugan Meissl.
Occupying the site of a former coal mine, the Taiyuan Botanical Garden was transformed into a modern landscape park and museum by the Austrian firm. Key features of this park include three domed greenhouses and a large terrace providing a panoramic view across the park.

The installation of a pair of TK Elevator’s orinoco moving walks at a 12-degree incline, 1000mm width, 11.85m height and 62.4m span in the sustainability-themed botanical garden not only sets a new record as the longest and highest (in terms of rise) moving walks installed by the company in China, but also showcases the exceptional build and aesthetic qualities of the German engineered TK Elevator products.
“Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to TK Elevator. As an iconic element of the park’s design and the sole entrance to the panoramic terrace, the orinoco moving walk was chosen by the customer for its proven track record in safety and reliability,” says Peter Walker, CEO at TK Elevator. APR

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