The Anam Cam Ranh: Hidden gem in Vietnam

The moment I set foot in five-star The Anam Cam Ranh, I felt all my worldly cares dissipate. This enchanting little resort has a magical effect – you are transported into another world – old world charms in elegant setting, tea by your private pool and a bed so comfortable you would want to laze in all day.

That was my first and lasting impression of this gem that manages to recreate the epitome of luxurious relaxation next to possibly the best beach in all of Vietnam. The tranquil environment amid gentle breezes and the sound of the sea combined to sooth my senses so much so that I wished I could stay there as long as possible.

And if the sea waves are a bit strong, I could stay in my pool the charms of the old village, influenced by both Vietnamese and Balinese elements.

The king-size bed is probably the best bed I have slept in a long while – the bedding is exquisite and ensured a very good night sleep.

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