Sustainability for Survival

Jumping into the sustainability wave is one of Singapore’s key strategies to move ahead.

Being a tiny nation with hardly any natural resources, Singapore needs to be innovative and forward thinking to survive. Apart from evolving into a financial and technology hub, it is also aiming to be a hub for sustainable practices.

Its green vision is decades ahead – already, renewable energy sources and rainwater harvesting have become standard on all buildings in Singapore.

The following introduction will give you a glimpse of where this little red dot is headed:

“Climate change is an existential threat of our times. It has brought rising sea levels and extreme weather patterns. Around the world, millions of lives and livelihoods are in
danger. Singapore, as a low-lying island state, is particularly vulnerable. Our weather is getting warmer, rainstorms heavier, and dry spells more pronounced. Climate change can also disrupt global supply chains and threaten access to food, water and energy.

Sustainable development is not new to Singapore. We embraced it decades before climate change became a critical global priority.

Today, Singapore is a City in a Garden, and is one of the greenest cities in the world. We set aside large nature reserves, with about a third of our island covered by trees.

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