Starring roles in Melaka Fashion Hub

The fashion industry in Malaysia is about to be rocked by three renowned personalities who will drive the creation of an international fashion hub in Melaka.

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Fashioning a fashion hub from scratch isn’t for anyone although the correct setting and the right developer help. Such a visionary project can only come from a visionary developer. One such developer which fits the bill is Sheng Tai International, a homegrown developer which specialises in property tourism. The pioneering developer has picked Melaka as the setting for a first-of-its-kind fashion hub in Southeast Asia in collaboration with FashionTV Paris, France.
From a property developer’s point of view, adding a fashion hub into the mix makes a lot of sense as it’s part of an ecosystem that blends fashion, education, wellness and many other fields, for the benefit of their investors, according to Dato Leong Sir Ley, Founder and Chairman of Sheng Tai International.
In the larger scheme of things, a fashion hub, once it becomes famous, will also be a magnet for tourists and international brands to set foot there, thus recreating the cosmopolitan vibe that Melaka was famous for 500 years ago, Leong who is also the Managing Director of FashionTV, Malaysia (originates from Paris, France) adds.
Much like Milan, Melaka exudes the same historical and cultural vibe that has inspired generations of fashion houses and attracted millions of visitors.
As Bill Keith, a Partner of FashionTV, Malaysia (originates from Paris, France) says, the future of fashion starts now in Malaysia and Melaka is where it all begins with its amazing backdrop of historical buildings.
Former beauty queen, Betty Anne Brohier, also a Partner of FashionTV, Malaysia (originates from Paris, France), agrees, saying that Melaka is the perfect location for photoshoots.
In time to come, it is conceivable that Melaka will emerge as a destination of choice for those who embrace fashion into their lifestyle, thanks to the vision and hard work of these three trendsetting personalities who are a class act.

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