Songstress’ Singing Sojourn Takes Her Across The World


Cash humming away at the London Bridge with her daughter and niece.

Celebrity platinum recording artist Jeri Cash shares on some of her favourite travel highlights around the world.

While there are many recording artists around keen to cut their name in the entertainment business, it’s certainly hats off to platinum recording Jeri Cash who was given the opportunity to perform at many destinations worldwide —- one of her favourite travel destinations being the Gold Coast a few years back.
The photographs bring back a rush of sweet memories for the starlet who readily admits that as an artist, it is indeed a new challenge to be staging performances abroad. Indeed, it’s not a performance job for the faint-hearted as it takes a lot of courage and talent to cater to the overseas crowd.

Paying a visit to Uncle Ben in London which makes its mark as an iconic landmark on one of the busiest streets in the UK.

“I’ve been very lucky that I was able to get travel gigs overseas every year to perform at. And, I was so surprised to get to perform at a place of my dreams —- one of them being the Gold Coast,” she shares with a beam.
The performing gig she says was a sweet experience, which also allowed her to roam the beach area like a tourist while taking in the fascinating sights and sounds as captured in this shot of Cash posing with a few Aussie ladies.


While there, she also got to take in the excitement of the “Sand Safari Arts Festival” stretching from March 8 to 24, 2019. Being a creative spirit at heart, this also allowed her to revel in the arts which she loves to be part of.

Posing outside 10 Downing Street in the UK with its historical legacy. A government building exuding old world charm amidst the changes of a modern world.

Performing at a gala night dinner was another feather in her cap. Besides performing, her wanderlust for travel has also taken her to Guangzhou where the excitement of its lovely night life and shopping extravaganza saw her and her daughter taking to the streets full throttle.
She notes that it is amazing how the people have so much of energy working in China even till late night. The fact that this part of the world sees all nationalities coming together to trade was a real eye opener for her.
Having travelled to the other side of the globe to London Town, the nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down” was another happy highlight of her trip there. Uncle Ben London, the busiest street in London saw her touring the space with her daughter while Cash’s niece acted as their local tour guide there. Cash even took an opportunity to pose in front of No. 10 Downing Street which is the city’s government building. Cash remarks how the building’s antique historical design still holds its ground in a prime location though this new era has changed significantly from before. Having said that, she gushes her love for historical buildings with its rich legacy.
Cash was happy that she managed to make a last stop to Saigon in Hoh Chi Minh City in Vietnam just before the Covid-19 pandemic struck terror, resulting in a worldwide shutdown. The strangest thing she noted of the city was it’s super busy traffic operating systematically without the presence of traffic police. The sassy lady performed at an event in one of the city’s upmarket hotel.
Sweet dreams are made of these: Here we go again reminiscing sweet memories taking a breather from performing at the Gold Coast in Australia.

A recap of the vibrant touristy scene at the Gold Coast alive with events galore!

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