Sheng Tai plants One-Stop Centres overseas to promote Malaysia

While the Covid-19 pandemic has struck fear among many businesses, Sheng Tai International has taken the lead by setting up one-stop-centres in several global cities to spread the good news about Malaysia.

Dato’ Leong Sir Ley ,
Founder and CEO of Sheng Tai

Like the proverbial good seed that grows and thrives wherever it falls, Sheng Tai International once again beats the odds when adversity strikes. By thinking out of the box, it has turned adversity into opportunity.

A lull in business during the pandemic lockdown has freed up time for Founder and CEO of Sheng Tai, Dato’ Leong Sir Ley to re-strategise their business operations.

No issue is too big to tackle – international borders closed and no more face to-face encounters? No problem – go online and even set up overseas one stop-centres for face-to-face real time engagements with potential investors.

Always a believer in exceeding the expectations of its customers, the brilliant and charismatic CEO cum lawyer has wasted no time in forging strategic partnerships and alliances to bring home the diverse offerrings from Malaysia to the world.

Back-to-back signings of partnership agreements took up most of her team and her time during the recent three-month lockdown in Malaysia. The end result – dozens of quality business partners which will form part of the varied and high quality offerrings that will be showcased in Sheng Tai’s one-stop-centres in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur.

The services and goods range from medical, educational, food & beverage, professional services like legal, tax and accountancy, Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H); and include even 100 franchise products and services registered with the Malaysia Franchise Association. These franchise products and services get the benefit of free marketing for one year at the One-Stop-Service Centres.

Curated List

The list keeps expanding but Sheng Tai is careful to curate the best in its class to showcase to the world – after all, it’s a Malaysian tradition to show its best work to the world when welcoming foreign investors.

Some of them which made it to the list include Prince Court Medical Centre, HELP University, Uncle ‘K’ restaurant, and 28 Days Alliance. No doubt, some of these household names did not have its origin in Malaysia but have become such established fixtures in the local scene that it has been deemed a ‘localised’ business entity.

While most one-stop-centres restrict themselves to introducing their own products and services, Sheng Tai’s unique One-StopCentres are independent units that open up the enquiry range to include other developers’ offerrings as well as subsale properties.

“We get 18 mil visitors to Melaka every year; we believe The Sail will encourage these visitors to stay in Melaka longer.” – Dato’ Leong Sir Ley

Some foreign investors are also interested in investing in manufacturing centres, franchises, agricultural sector and opening businesses such as restaurants – all of which are covered by the advisers stationed at the One Stop-Centres or through online consultations with knowledgeable advisers based in Malaysia.

Competition is not an issue with Sheng Tai as it believes in the customers having a free choice and getting the best. Of course, it being the best in its class makes Sheng Tai stand tall among the competition.

‘Microcosm of Malaysia’

In particular, The Sail, Melaka’s largest integrated development when completed, would stand as a microcosm of Malaysia – the country in all its beauty and diversity encapsulated in a building in the form of a ship about to set sail. The Sail is a symbol of Malaysia, of continuing the legacy of being a crossroad for international trade and cultural exchange.

To duplicate this international mix of businesses at The Sail, Sheng Tai has also inked agreements with elite international brands such as International Workspace Group (IWG), Golden Heritage Living (Australia), Fashion TV, Pioneer Fort, Integrated Publicity Servicers LTD.(HK), and Memorigin to set up home at The Sail. Trade has always been a bilateral and multilateral partnership and this reality is not lost on Sheng Tai.

“These international brands will raise the profile of Melaka and attract more visitors,” says Dato’ Leong. “We get 18 mil visitors to Melaka every year; with these diverse brands, we believe The Sail will encourage these visitors to stay longer in Melaka.” With its strong client base overseas, Sheng Tai believes its One-Stop-Centres will continue to flourish even after international borders are gradually opened. This is because the centres provide much convenience and is cost-effective for all. Its clients have full confidence in the curated products and services at the centre due to Sheng Tai’s strong and established reputation built up over the years.

“Although our main purpose is to promote Malaysia to be the number one destination for foreigners to invest in, the OneStop-Centres also serve as an experiment in the new normal. We believe with this, we would be one step ahead even after the lockdowns are over,” notes Dato’ Leong. “In a way,” she adds, “we are also preparing the market for one of the biggest international commercial hubs in Melaka, The Sail.”

The promotional activities are even more essential during lockdowns – this is when potential customers get exposed to brand awareness – and if the services which include talks, seminars and online Q & A’s exceed their expectations, they will remember it for years after the lockdown, reasons the CEO. Sheng Tai currently owns two hotels – Ames Hotel and Hotel Metra Square, both managed under Alorie Hospitality; while Nyra Hotel is in the pipeline.

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