Sheng Tai lnternational’s vision of wellness

Dato’ Leong Sir Ley, Sheng Tai International founder and chairman talks to Asian Property Review about its role in creating an international wellness hub in Melaka.

1.What is Sheng Tai International’s vision of wellness?

After the pandemic, there is a new trend towards wellness as well as related industries such as agriculture and modern technology. Underlying the modern technology in wellness is Artificial Intelligence, among other latest advances.

Our vision, through our subsidiary, Sheng Life, is to import more technology and talents from all over the world, with Melaka as a strategic hub. Sheng Life Wellness Centre offers some of the latest advances in preventive medicine and anti-aging.

Through our latest development, The Sail Melaka, which has a tower dedicated entirely to wellness, residents of the Sail as well as local and foreign visitors can enjoy great convenience. They do not need to fly a broad for the la test technology as we will be off erring them right here in Melaka.

One of Sheng Tai International’s strategic advantages is our strong connections with our neighbouring more advanced countries such as Japan and China.

We also expect a lot of Indonesians to come which is a huge market as well as those from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong. Eventually, with increasing numbers of visitors and more sophisticated wellness facilities, Melaka can become an international wellness hub in Malaysia and in the region.

Melaka and KL are very strategic ‘twin’ cities much like the analogy between Tokyo and Osaka where Osaka is the more relaxed version of the bustling capital city of Japan.

While KL is the capital city, Melaka, a mere 1 ½ hours away, qualifies as the wellness hub for KL due to its relaxed small city vibe, green areas, seaside, leisure activitiesand hospitality offerrings. Our five-star Ames Hotel and Straits Designers’ Gallery at MetraSquare are places that offer visitors a good break from their busy lifestyles.

In terms of food, healthy and nutritious food can also be found in abundance in Melaka.

2.Examples of advanced technology or new alternative wellness treatments that STI employs in its wellness business?

What we have now is advanced technology such as robotic hand which can help the paralysed get up and walk again, among other things. We anticipate that when we combine stem cell technology with the robotic hand or other exoskeletal parts, this can create a bioreaction between the brain and body, thus expediting the healing process. We are currently also exploring immunotherapywith a leading industry player, Cytopeutics®. It is at the cutting edge of research exploring the potential of multicellular immunotherapy, including cytokine-induced killer cells (CIK) and polarized M2 macrophages. This is indeed pioneering technology in the health sector.

Outside of Malaysia, we have also signed up with a six-star hotel in Hokkaido,Japan, with access to the hotsprings.

3.Outlook for the wellness industry in Malaysia?

The concept of wellness encompasses many aspects such as food, environment, and health and medical-related therapies. In Malaysia, we have all of those hence the outlook for the industry is good with many upsides. Even in the area of agriculture, the wellness concept can be incorporated such as durian property tours. We have a 1,000-acre durian farm in Gua Musang in Kelantan as well as an experiential farm in Melaka where durian property tours can be conducted for tourists from Hong Kong and Japan, as well as those from KL and the northern region. APR

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