Sharing Your Kitchen for profit

For those who hardly cook but own a modern well-equipped kitchen, you can now monetise your kitchen by renting it out.

The kitchen sharing concept has been around in Malaysia since the last few years. Typically catering to private chefs or small-scale online food vendors, these kitchens are usually fully equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen equipment and premium baking production equipment in commercial premises.
Activer Kitchens, a new online marketplace platform, is among the first to connect homeowners who has a good kitchen in a landed property with the public. Target renters include restaurant owners looking to expand their business, or for people looking to start out their business in a specific location.
Targetted to go live latest by January 2022, Activer Kitchens is currently having a promotion for any kitchen listed on their platform.
Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions:
1.Will my kitchen be used for delivery and dining-in services?
No, people renting your kitchen will only be engaging in delivery services; no customers will patronise your place for dine-in.
2.Are there any charges to list my kitchen on the platform?
No, there are no charges to list your kitchen on our platform.
3.Are there any additional charges when my kitchen gets rented?
As of now since we are still in the pre-launch stage, for the first 100 kitchens that are listed on our platform, no commission charges will be charged when your kitchen gets rented.
4.How is listing my home kitchen on the platform profitable to me?
Depending on the location, size of the kitchen, and amenities provided, you would be able to rent your kitchen from RM100 – RM150 per day. This would bring you revenue of RM3,000 to RM4,500 a month. Compared to Airbnb, people renting from you mostly will be committing to long-term tenures so once you have secured a tenancy, you would not have to go through the same process again of looking for someone else to rent from you.
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5.Does this apply for all residential types?
We highly recommend home kitchens in landed units. Kitchens in apartment/condominiums can be listed as well, however, owners would need to get approval from their management due to varying Covid-19 standard of procedures.
6.What about the utility bills (electricity, gas)?
These will be billed to the person renting the kitchen from you during the duration of the tenure.
Asian Property Review enquired further on behalf of readers who might be interested to rent out their kitchen.
1.How to ensure the renters are reputable persons? Will renters verification be done by you?
Yes, verification will be done by us; however, we can only verify information up to a certain extent. Kitchen owners should also conduct their own due diligence at the point of contact before booking confirmation.
2.How about insurance since the risk of damages/fire/theft of kitchen appliances or cutlery, will be higher?
It depends on your insurance provider. However, we do recommend kitchen owners to opt for vacation rental insurance or any similar short-term rental insurance to cover any kitchen damages or loss of equipment, similar to Airbnb.
3.How to ensure renters do not enter the rest of the house?
Kitchen owners have the freedom to segregate the kitchen from the rest of the house in whatever way they like. Penalties can be put in place by kitchen owners should renters cross certain areas not permitted, as long as it has been stated before rental confirmation.
4.Should I install a CCTV camera on site in case of claims/disputes?
Yes, that is highly advisable.
5.Your revenue projection of RM3,000 to RM4,500 a month assumes a monthly At that rate, a renter might as well rent a fully furnished unit which includes other parts of the house!
Although that might be the case, however, the target market who will be renting your kitchen will be chefs or restaurant owners who have no need for other parts of your unit. Moreover, other platforms that provide the whole unit do not provide adequate kitchen facilities, sometimes even none. For an adequate kitchen at a good location, you would be able to fetch that kind of rental price. Do note that our platform focuses on kitchen facilities and location to fetch a good rental price compared to just total space.
6.Can I have a look at the contract terms and conditions between the renter and me?
When the renter confirms booking your kitchen through Activer Kitchens, all terms and conditions provided by you in the listing will be legally binding and by default be agreed upon by both parties. Do note that Activer Kitchens serves solely as a medium to connect kitchen owners to potential renters and we operate independently and do not represent either party.
7.Is there a minimum check list of equipment and/or utensils that I must have in my kitchen?
There is a minimum amount of equipment needed however there are no minimum utensils that are required unless agreed upon prior with the renter.
8.After it’s rented out, can I still have use of my kitchen?
If the renter is using your kitchen from 8 am to 10 pm, you would not be able to access your kitchen during that time. After those hours, that depends on the arrangement between the renter and you. APR

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