Serenading The Serenity of Sekinchan

Four pretty lasses — all high flyers in their own right recount their full fun day spent at the scenic setting of the paddy fields in the outskirts of town known as the sleepy fishing village of Sekinchan.

Anyone who has encountered the vivacious and bubbly award-winning show host, columnist and and experienced Television personality and compeer Maznah Zolkifli will agree what a bundle of joy she truly is, infecting the atmosphere with her bubbly and carefree personality just as champagne bubbles over at crème de la crème celebrations.
A local high flyer in her own right, having hosted various programmes, this powerhouse recounts the day she and her best buddies made the trip to Sekinchan just so they could catch a bout of fresh air and some sunshine while taking in the sights and sounds of the emerald paddy fields of Sekinchan.
“The four of us started the day, with Natasha Malik driving the car ferrying Tengku Hani Ravella and Azwin Natasha and I. Needless to say, we were chatting excitedly all along the way,” recalls the starlet.
Leaving the city at about 11am, the ladies set out on the journey until about 2pm where they stopped for a bite at the first restaurant they saw. Lunch comprised six yummy dishes served at a makeshift quaint but charming looking house estimated to be over 50 years old at least. The entourage tucked into delicious fare while enjoying each other’s company. After the hearty lunch which ended at about 3pm, they were pointed in the direction where a very old tree was situated, on whose many branches hung good luck wishes written on red paper. The makeshift “Wishing Tree” allows visitors to have a fun time writing out their wishes.

Mesmerised by the sight of the paddy field area in the background, the ladies wasted no time in taking wefies in the area adjacent to the paddy field factory. To their utmost delight, the evergreen lustre of the lush green paddy fields just served to enhance their photographs to photogenic perfection. No wonder these shots were among their favourites from the trip, especially those taken at the angle of the old bunk house or paddy house.
All too soon though, the sun was about to set.

Wasting no time in prepping themselves to indulge in a quick coffee break at the Old Bus Café where they were served an assortment of local cakes and other treats – which were truly delicious to the last bite washed down with local coffee, the ladies also explored an old bus fixture estimated to have operated in the early 80s strategically positioned in the paddy field as an attraction.

Taking a cue from when the atmosphere in the paddy fields started to get very windy, the group then journeyed down closer to where the highlights of the trip awaited them. This culminated in the dinner held smack in the middle of the Sekinchan paddy field, which as readers can of course imagine, was very scenic. The red lanterns were lighted up and were subsequently released into the air in a delightful picturesque sight to behold.
Dinner was also served promptly at approximately 7pm, in which they tucked into a hearty meal of delicious nasi lemak teamed with chicken rendang plus locally harvested organic vegetables, with them polishing their plates clean. This was followed by generous servings of freshly squeezed guava juice served straight from the farm. This ended their dinner on a sweet high note.
Always the organised perfectionist, Maznah promptly took on the role of deejay with her Bluetooth speaker blaring out her selection of songs for the group to enjoy late into the night.
Under the dark canopy of the open heavens preceded by the midnight blue skies dotted by stars twinkling up above, the group alas, decided it was just about time to head back home at about 8pm.

Although as the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end”, the group acknowledged that the final wrap up to the long day partaken in the charming and natural surroundings of Sekinchan was worth the long drive.
“There were about 30 other visitors that day who joined us during the dinner. They also thoroughly enjoyed the precious moments spent with us, although they comprised of multi races and ages. We enjoyed the sunset and food together in a magical unforgettable setting. And, a few even celebrated their birthdays there. In all, it was a very blessed and pleasant day full of sunshine without a bout of rain,” reminisces Maznah in fond recollection of the captured memories spent during a truly memorable out on the golden fields of Sekinchan.
Talk about Cuti-Cuti Malaysia with a heart-warming difference, especially after the long lockdown period imposed by the pandemic. Hello Sunshine! Let’s toast to sunshiny days ahead, free of the fear of Covid-19.


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