In search of 8 property millionaire stars

Auditions for aspiring property millionaire stars have just kicked off for the widely anticipated “Anyone can be a Property Millionaire” Reality TV Show.
The search is on for Malaysia’s future property millionaire star who will take to the stage together with fellow millionaire hopefuls as part of a real estate reality TV show, the first of its kind in the country and possibly the world. Expected to be broadcast in the 2nd quarter of 2017, the show’s creator and host, Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee said he is inviting everyone (Chinese-speaking for the 1st season) to apply to participate. Shortlisted participants will then go through a selection process where factors such as how they express themselves, financial ability, assessment tests results, and a simple self-introduction,will be taken into consideration.
p8Elaborating on the criteria, Tee continued, “These basic qualities are essential to ensure the participants are able to go through the entire buying process successfully, while being watched by the audience. Even part of their personal lives may be broadcast. They are held up as potential millionaires and may eventually be role models for some people, hence we take seriously the selection process.” “This doesn’t mean you have to be rich or smart to succeed in property investing. The whole idea of this TV programme is to show that anyone can succeed in property investing, if given the right guidance and training.”
Tee added that the show is also a personal challenge for him – “to be able to mentor anyone to a point where he could be considered a property millionaire is a tall order and if I am able to do that, it means I have succeeded.” Tee will personally guide each of the 8 participants at each stage of the buying process, from the selection of properties, borrowing of loans to the signing of the Sale & Purchase agreement. The objective is to buy a property that eventually gives the greatest return within a specific time-frame.
“There will be at least one participant who would be worth at least a million ringgit at the end of the show,” Tee, a leading international real estate trainer and investor promised.
The shortlisted applicants will be placed under 8 different categories – Celebrity, Professional, Foreigner, Disabled, Businessman, Young Graduate, Retiree and Real Estate Expert.
“These are ordinary members of the public who typify the particular category that they belong to, for example, the young graduate who has a strong desire to own a house and who has experienced some mistakes along the way; the businessman who owns several properties without proper management of his portfolio and who may constantly face problems renting out his properties or has rental collection issues,” Tee said.
p8bThe show will even include a disabled person –“this is to prove that even a disabled is capable of buying his own house with proper guidance and strong motivation.”
Tee, who is widely regarded as one of the top property speakers in the region, emphasised that the show will feature a cross-section of society, “real people who will really buy a property and are not merely acting.”
The property veteran of 25 years further said that the timing couldn’t be better. “Yes, this is the worst time to air this topic – the property market performance is the worst ever in the last 8 years. But this is precisely why I picked this timing – to prove that even in the worst market condition, anyone can still make money from property.”
Tee was speaking at the launch of the “Property Millionaire Star Search” held in July at a posh hotel in Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. During the launch event, which was attended by several VIPs including Erick Y.T. Kho (President of the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents, MIEA), Puan Sri Dr Susan Cheah (EXCO member of Sunway Group), Dato’ Seri Dr Vincent Tiew (MD of Andaman Group) and Amber Chia (model, actor, TV host); and about 500 members of the public and media, the property expert summed up his 3 key points (see box) in the road towards financial freedom through property investment. Auditions were also held concurrently with a total of 52 contestants vying for a spot at the show.
This programme is produced by Swhengtee Group, a production of SKT Media & Entertainment Group.

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