Saving the soil

“Quite miraculously, the once barren land on Noble Gateway has eventually succeeded in growing passion fruits, dragon fruits, and the rare red corn.”

Noble Gateway’s farm is the only vegetable farm in the agriculture village of Hulu Langat not using pesticides and chemical fertilisers. In the soil rejuvenation process, their neighbours start adopting their same methods amid the deteriorating soil quality of their farmlands.

Plight of small farms

Situated in the southeastern corner of Selangor lies Hulu Langat, a district peppered with small farms and villages along the river and lakes. The homely suburb made waves in the news a year ago due to a devastating flood believed to be caused by deforestation and water surge. Local folks are still haunted by the incident.

Meanwhile, a group of small farmers here now face the threat of deteriorating soil quality of their farmlands; on top of being an aging community.

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