Savills: Good returns in the long term

1.Is it worth it for foreigners to buy real estate in Vietnam?

Vietnam has robust fundamentals; an emerging market with a strong domestic economy, an urbanisation rate of 37% and a rapidly evolving legal system. These factors contribute to a good long term investment thesis.

2. Should Vietnam tweak its real estate laws to make it easier for foreigners to invest?

Foreigners have similar investment rights as those offered by other countries within the region, that is a 50-year leasehold. Foreigners have similar legal rights as Vietnamese.

3. Is there an oversupply of resort properties e.g. villas, condotels targeted at foreigners?

Historically, there has been a strong supply of condotels that are concentrated in resort locations. The pandemic has lowered tourism demand outright, and that has yet to fully recover. As a consequence, many of the Rental Pool Programs that the investment returns for these properties were tied to, are now suffering. This product has mostly been sold to Vietnamese, however in some coastal and resort locations, foreigners have also purchased.

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