Reminiscing Bali: Travel In “The Old Normal”

Made Gigis is a driver and tour guide in Bali. His FB is @madegigis and Instagram gigis_phonetograp.

Hello guys! Have you ever heard of the island of the gods? Yes, this phrase is attributable to the island of Bali in the state of indonesia.
Bali is an island full of 1,000 beautiful charms, and filled with 1,000 temples, romantic places, amazing natural scenery, beaches bequeathed with white sand and natural cultural customs.
The island of Bali provides whatever you need and desire — from delicious food, comfortable hotels and villas ranging from truly affordable to five-star prices, great entertainment venues and traditional Balinese massages to pamper you from top to toe. So, it comes as no surprise than more than 10,000 foreign tourists visit this island every month especially when the holiday season arrives.

In Bali, there is no local transportation, so visitors have to rent a car or motorbike which are available at affordable and reasonable prices. Should you rent a car, this would include gas money while the driver will guide you. There is no need to worry as the local people are very friendly and kind; and will always help you if you have trouble. Made Gigis is one such driver who is friendly and helpful.
He has no qualms in assisting you to take photogenic shots akin to that of a professional photographer. Providing adequate transportation services, and he will guide you on your journey to anywhere you want to explore in Bali in which the itinerary can be discussed. Or, you can leave it to him to arrange the best itinerary and schedule for your holiday.

Many foreign tourists who have used his services, especially the Asian tourists can attest to his fluency in speaking English which facilitates easy communication. Besides that, his ability to speak in Chinese and care for small children puts him in good company. Many honeymoon couples are comfortable with his competent tour guide services. Sensitive to the travel and safety needs of single women on vacation alone, his ability to ensure one stays safe and comfortable and backed by his extenstive knowledge of Bali makes him the perfect driver and tour guide accompaniment in this heavenly island.
According to him, usually a minimum of five or six days is required to explore Bali island. However, besides Bali, he points out that there are also other beautiful islands that one can visit such as Lembongan Island, Nusa Penida island, Gili Trawangan and others.
Therefore, the option to explore these islands are endless. If you like diving for example, then the beautiful places in the east of the island of Bali, such as Tulamben, Amuk Bay is highly recommended whereby the experience of diving by submarine is key. If you are happy to be in the company of the night crowd, with surfing on the menu, then dinner under a sunset beach in Uluwatu, Pecatu, Upload, Balangan, Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Seminyak or Canggu are highly recommended.

And, if you like the environment of waterfalls, mountains, jungle atmosphere, nature, rice fields and river sports — then, you can choose where you would like to explore in Ubud, situated about three hours from Kuta Centre and the airport.
Should seeing wild dolphins at sea tickle your fancy, then you can explore Lovina. To witnesss dolphins in the wild, one has to wake up early at sunrise. This place is situated about three hours from Kuta or the airport. Blessed with plenty of beautiful views and places to visit, it is highly recommended to stay at least overnight here in Lovina located on the north side of Bali island.
Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Ulundanu, Heaven Gate Temple, and other beautiful places are perfect for selfies. One can also visit the Balinese tourist villages where they can try their hand at making Balinese arts and crafts such as designing batik or Balinese woven sarongs besides other handicrafts such as sculpture, painting or just watch traditional Balinese dance performances. So, in anticipation of the borders opening up for travel again, now is perhaps the best time to plan and prepare for your future holiday in Bali with friends, relatives or someone special who can enjoy your holiday with.
Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon and the economy in every country starts to improve. Meanwhile, hope this recounting of travel in “The Old Normal” will entertain you. Stay safe meanwhile.

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