Dato’ Leong Sir Ley, the Founder and Chairman of Sheng Tai recreates the glorious era of Malacca early years through the iconic The Sail.
Sailing smoothly by the Straits of Melaka is a resplendent ship with nine towers rising up majestically. On closer look, this vessel houses perhaps one of the largest and most iconic mixed developments in Kota Laksamana, Melaka.
Sitting on 27,5-acre land that overlooks the city and the Straits of Melaka, the 9 distinct podium-top towers that are connected by a sky ring will be immediately identifiable even from afar when completed.
The development is believed to occupy the most strategic Location in Melaka with all the ‘chi’ flowing into it. It is indeed a centralised location for everyone in the world to come to Melaka for trading and friendship.
When completed in about 5 years’ time, it will be Melaka’s tallest building at 61 storeys high and the tallest 9-tower linked building in the world.
Historic Factor
Explaining why Melaka was chosen. Dato Leong Sir Ley, the Founder and Chairman of Sheng Tai International, the developer of The Sail. says its because of its historic significance and massive growth potential.
With The Sail, the former lawyer hopes to bring together nationals from many countries into a bustling and cosmopolitan community.
The shape of a vessel is chosen as a symbolic reminder of how Admiral Cheng Ho came to Melaka, and how the subsequent generations of Chinese reached the shores of Melaka.
It’s also fitting as the Straits of Melaka is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and is along the route of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

International Connection

As a Belt & Road designated project, The Sail’s significance is even more pronounced on the international stage. Its strategic partners and contractors are PowerChina International Group and China Railway Engineering Corporation, two of the largest infrastructure corporations in Asia.
China Railway will build the Melaka-Nanjing Square which will showcase merchants from around the world doing business together like what they used to do 500 years ago, side by side.
The cosmopolitan component is evident everywhere – in addition to its own 5-star branded hotel parked under the LSL Group of Hotels, Sheng Tai has also signed on a 5-star Japanese hotel, and China Greenland International Hotels Group to host visitors at The Sail.
And with a prominent US-based cafe chain also coming on they hope to be able to bring in international artistes to spice up the entertainment scene.
Sheng Tai is also considering setting up a health and wellness centre in one of the blocks. Lately, the Russians have approached them to consider housing a Russian medical university and an aviation institute within the premises of The Sail.
With its international support, it’s not surprising that Sheng Tai beat other contenders to win the Best Niche Developer for Overseas Market at Property insight’s Property Development Award (PIPDA) 2018 and the ASEAN Property Award for the Best Iconic Development 2019.

Grand Scale

Located nearby the famous Jonker Street, with a panoramic view of the Melaka Straits, the RM6,5 bil project is currently at Phase 1 with piling done and the Sales Gallery under construction.
The Sail is strategically located at Melaka’s future Central Business District next to the Melaka Coastal Highway, and 9 kms to the Melaka International Airport. It can be reached via road, plane, ship or train.
“This ship envisions a smooth-sailing journey for Melaka and Malaysia as we sail into a new era of nations coming together to create a harmonious existence.”
“Even in China, textbooks have mentioned the Straits of Melaka has a rich history with many historical sites yet its cultural aspects have not been fully developed. ”

Unique Facilities

  • 330rn Sky Ring connecting 9 towers
  • 386m (Internal perimeter); 463m (external perimeter) Rooftop pool
  • 4 mil sqm convention &exhibition centre
  • 33,700 sqm Melaka-Nanjing Square re-enacting history
  • Illuminating Sky Garden
  • The Moon, an experiential centre which can be projected to reflect the galaxy, sea, etc. It doubles up as a beacon on the Melaka Strait.
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