Reasons To Invest In 'Australia NOW'


These include new benefits commencing in 2020 as Down Under continues to be the key education destination.


Pamela Yap founded the “International Property Concierge” and runs an Australian Property Investment company helping international clients to invest in the Australian real estate market. Based in Melbourne, Pamela’s network spans key Australian cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Email her at:

Over 300,000 Malaysians graduated with an Australian degree in the past 10 years and the numbers are increasing year on year. It is no surprise that the Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia Andrew Goledzinowski declared that “Australia is open for business, and we look forward to having Malaysians visit us. Continue to send your kids to Australian schools, continue to invest in Australian properties, and continue to trade with Australia”.
He announced that Malaysia is a designated “focus country” for the “Invest in Australia NOW” programme. The programme was launched as part of the 65th anniversary celebration of Australia’s diplomatic presence in Malaysia recently at the Annual Australia Day 2020 event hosted by the Australian High Commission in Malaysia. The celebration was attended by many diplomats and ministers, along with prominent Malaysian property developers with a presence in Australia.
Indeed, there has been an increase in the  number of Malaysians studying in Australia as reported in statistics published at – a website jointly owned by the Malaysian Education Ministry (JPM), Higher Education Department (JPT) and Education Malaysia Australia (EMA):

The statistics above continues to show that Melbourne, Victoria  is the number 1 destination for Malaysians sending their children to study in Australia followed by Sydney, New South Wales.
With the influx of foreign quality students, Australian university hubs are natually located in some of the country’s most conducive cities. Based on QS Quacquarelli Symonds, in 2018, two major cities in Australia made it to the Top 10 destinations for students worldwide with Melbourne ranked third place and Sydney in ninth standing.
These facts are further supported by a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Report in Dec 2019 showing that the top three most investable cities in the Asia Pacific (APAC) market for 2019/2020 included Melbourne and Sydney as compared to other top 20 cities in Asia Pacific:

Good news for Malaysians to take advantage of the above incentives. Here are the top five reasons why Malaysians should invest in Australian properties in 2020:
1) Benefit from the low Australian Dollar- Ringgit exchange rate:

We are now at the lowest point in the past three years since the peak at 2017.
2) Take advantage of low interest rate –
According to this show chart and latest rates of below 3%.

3) Lock in your investment for future growth –
Trends of growth with new migrants annually:

Secure your family’s future:
Diversify your investment portfolio in a safe haven. Melbourne is the preferred city by many migrants to Australia:
Latest figures as reported by Smart Money on Australian capital cities dweling values show Melbourne maintained strong growth throughout the years.
4)  Protect your investment with Guaranteed Rental Return (GRR) investment properties –
Here are two examples cited in Vanguard (GRR 5% for 25 years – higher than your housing loan interest now) and Liberty One (guarantees GRR for the next 25 years and investors don’t have to pay until the completion of the property in 2021)
Secure your future in Melbourne with 150% ROI.
Amazing Investment Opportunities with Guaranteed Returns!

  • Vanguard Apartments in Malvern East, Melbourne
  • Located next to Melbourne’s Monash University, Caulfield
  • 5-star luxury apartment priced from AUD 430,000 (RM 1,191,100)
  • 25 years rental guarantee at 5% per annum = 125%
  • Ready to move in now. Enjoy Immediate returns! 

Invest in Melbourne’s fastest growing area with billion-dollar infrastructure!

  • LibertyOne Apartments situated only 4km and a seven minutes train ride to Melbourne Central Business District (CBD)
  • Walking distance to Victoria University’s three campuses
  • Five minutes’ stroll to shopping mall, Footscray Market, cafes and restaurants
  • 6% rental guarantee for 25 years = 150% ROI
  • Beautiful location overlooking Flemington Race Course
  • Priced from AUD 430,000 (RM 1,191,100) only and place AUD 2,000 (RM 5,540) now to secure your unit.

5)  Depreciation Tax Benefits:
Australia has introduced a depreciation tax which allows landlords to reduce their taxable rental income. They can do this by simply deducting 3.6% of the initial purchase price of their yearly rental incomes, thus allowing them to pay less tax. With the right tax advice and investment advisory consultants, you will be enjoying substantial savings on taxation and higher Return on Investment (ROI) on your investment properties. Head over to Melbourne and invest in “Australia NOW” and don’t miss out on amazing deals in 2020!

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