Dr. Peter Yee – The Human Thinking System


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The Human Thinking System
1. The nervous system and the brain are the hardware for thinking with limited nerves cells.
2. The mind is the software of the thinking process with unlimited possibilities.
3. Human thinking abilities are knowledge based reasoning, heart based feeling and inspiration based creative thinking abilities.
4. Mind power can be upgraded from knowledge to heart and to inspiration based thinking.
5. Different types of thinking can be used and applied in different aspects of life such as money and wealth; family and social relationship; health and rejuvenation.
6. Achieving giant based creative thinking requires you to go through the steps to restore, install, create, awaken, activate, educate, train, use and apply.
7. The Giant is an inside-out thinking process, it is also referred to as inspiration or intuition.
8. The challenge of using your giant is that you do not know how your giant thinks but you need to accept that it will reveal the answer from inside-out.
9. There are seven thinking level that the giant undergoes, that is to know, understand, comprehend, articulate, apply, enlighten and to synthesise.
10. The thinking processes of the giant involves searching, arranging, dissecting, digesting, rearranging, creating and manufacturing new and unique information.

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