Play Hard, Get Dirty & Have Fun at Eco Venture, Semenyih


Stressed out denizens of the city can escape to the first-of-its-kind eco retreat in the heart of Semenyih for a return back to nature, team building assignment or even to feast on exotic cuisine.

Looking for adventure and recreation on the wild or leisurely and eco side? Wanting a holiday on a shoestring budget or wondering how to boost sales and motivate employees? Then, head on over to Semenyih Eco Venture Resort & Recreation. Just an hour’s leisurely short drive from Kuala Lumpur will whisk you to this eco-friendly resort with its unique and exciting offerings of sporting and leisure activities – not to mention its delicious cuisine and comfortable accommodation to booth.
Positioned as a one-stop eco resort for fun and leisure, Semenyih Eco Venture Resort & Recreation has s already garnered three awards in its existence since it opened its doors five years ago.
Dato’ Dr. Stanley Chew, CEO of Semenyih Eco Venture Resort & Recreation Sdn Bhd, a member of Bjorn Group of Companies shares that he launched this project out of his passion and interest. For him, it was a natural decision as he hails from a small kampong in Tangkak, Johor where he spent his younger days tapping rubber and working at the oil palm estate with his parents.
“There’s no regrets as we’re very happy and positive with the outcome of this resort. We’re even thinking of expanding the business as we have the freedom to implement our dreams,” he says.
Indeed, Chew has every reason to smile as the eco resort has mushroomed into a hive of activity compared to its early days when he purchased the land during a downturn in 2002 at a low price. Back then, he built a wooden kampung holiday retreat house for family and friends. Organic vegetables were planted for personal consumption complemented by free-range chicken roaming the premises.
“During the economic downturn, I was still active in the construction business. Eventually, I totally stopped my construction business. In 2015, we opened the resort to the public for commercial use,” he relates.
Today, it is a full-fledged eco resort with six types of accommodations ranging from container residences to resort type units and even camp like facilities suitable for the outdoors.
The eco resort has captured the imagination and attention of the industry. “The Malaysian Tourism Council (MTC) just gave us a Gold Award for the ‘Best Venue for Team Building and Events’. We’ve organised many sports and running events and running the Spartan international race – considered the biggest in the world. With over 6,000 runners participating with 70% runners coming from overseas, the Spartan races was held at our resort for three years consecutively since 2017,” he shares.
“We also received the Top Business Award from International Business Federation (IBF) in Singapore in 2019 for being conceptually viable business-wise,” he adds.
Its eco concept featuring container units also got it listed in the Malaysian Book of Records as the biggest container resort in Malaysia since it uses mostly recyclable shipment containers.
“We’re sitting on a land area spanning 20 acres in Semenyih that is surrounded by greenery and many fruit trees and have the advantage of space and location. There is a river cutting through our land which connects to the Semenyih dam so the water source will never dry up. There’s also a 1.6-acre manmade lake which is a disused mining lake,” he adds. Business, according to him, is robust.
“Everyone is talking about going eco. Eco-tourism means going back to nature. We’ve also added in recreational and leisure activities where team building activities kicks in. The beauty of the resort is that it caters to your budget so packages can be tailored once companies ascertain if they want to achieve team bonding or motivation.
“We have many outsourced trainers and motivators – both local and international to manage programmes at any one time such as outdoor activities for example like the one just recently organised by Apple Holidays for 170 pax in order to motivate its staff,” he adds. With the slowdown, he says government agencies and big corporations are cutting down on their budget so instead of spending overseas – they can consider the resort as an alternative retreat.
“The resort is not about luxury but is like the Air Asia of eco resorts which is open to everyone. In terms of games and activities, we have a lot going for us. We also have an archery tournament being organised next year as well as a four-by-four off road challenge – going down to the hills and river as well as motorbike and mountain trails and the paintball and war game challenges. Do It Yourself (DIY) rafting on the lake to assemble rafts or kayaks of their own are some other key highlights here. There are also swimming across the lake activities while indulging in a spot of fishing is also possible.

“Spread over 20 acres, we have the advantage of location, site, size and ample space for big events and team building, which is ideal for factories with 500 people. Our main targets are those who come for corporate team building, schools and government agencies.” To him, team building will never phase out.
“During good times, companies will go overseas. But now, with the market slowdown, big companies will cut their budget to come to our resort. The same goes for governmental agencies as they are encouraging a lot of training and motivational programme. Schools also have a certain budget to look for so this type of place where budget is a constraint can suit their budget.
“For students, we organise programmes from kindergarten to university and can tailor make the programmes according to your budget, itinerary and time, We have many outsourced trainers – both local and international trainers and motivators to look after programmes – be it with the aim for bonding or motivation. Apple Holidays also recently came in with 170 pax to motivate its staff with outdoor activities.
Now, government and big corporates have cut a lot of budget and today, instead of spending overseas – they have change the concept. We are not talking about luxury but the Air Asia of eco resorts. We organise many different activities for team building activities and events. Some don’t even stay overnight so this location gives them the advantage of location also,” he highlights.
“We have also organised international beauty pageants with contestants coming from abroad. Our latest was a China, Indonesia and Philippines – in June “Miss Ecology and Nature” which happened in 2019,” he enthuses.
“At the moment everyone is talking about going eco. But eco-tourism means going back to nature. We also added in recreation where team building comes in. So we organised a lot of activities. Petronas and Shell include our client base and Bankers and insurance as well,” he elaborates.
Having planted 2,000 Agar Wood trees and about 1,000 fruit trees – ranging from durian trees and other local fruits to choose from – he says there are even two bird’s nest house producing about 2kg worth of bird’s nest per month besides a farm on site producing original 100% honey from stingless honey bees which he intends to sell later.
“Visitors can visit this bird’s nest house to learn how this is produced as well as honey production. Soon, we will be looking at planting coffee trees. So we are thinking of mainly focussing on these,” he concludes.
Even the Helicopter Club of Kuala Lumpur sees its members dropping by regularly to dine at its huge Thai restaurant with a seating capacity of 1,000 people as the land is huge enough to land six helicopters at any one time.
“The resort can be divided into three parts. Firstly, there’s the six types of accommodation to choose from – ranging from containers to villas, camping tents, hotels or dorms and tube rooms and kampong huts according to budget and preference.
“Secondly, there’s the recreational component itself covering mostly outdoor activities for team building such as Flying Fox, Wall Climbing, Speed Challenge, Fun Races and even Mud Challenges. We even have ATV Adventures and Paintball War Games, archery and mountain biking activities or even four-by-four off road challenge that will take participants over rough terrains and even down to the river which cuts through our 20-acre land.
“The third component would be food & beverage (F&B) of which the main restaurant would be the Eco Thai restaurant. We also have western food and a sky bar for late night drinks for guests to mingle. Association – family days and association annual dinners,” he concludes. Perfect with something for everyone in the family or company to enjoy.

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