Ozmosis – An Oasis Of Calm In The City

By Yvonne Yoong
I’ve a confession to make. Self-love ranks pretty high on my priority list, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic of late. But, with the rising number of Covid-19 cas-es in the country, I am careful as to en-suring the spas I patronise are strictly abiding in their following of Standard Operating Proedures (SOPs). And, as Lady Lick would have it, I was invited to spend a day at Ozmosis which was ar-ranged by industry contact and friend Elvina Jo. It was without much ado that I agreed to join her in a pampering session, with full assurance of the top notch health spa seeing to sanitisation processes.
The rewarding day arrived soon enough with us both checking in to mySejahtera followed by our respective temperature checks plus a full body mist sanitisation before being initiated into treatments available plus the organic natural ingredients used for us to select from. Elvina settled for a steam bath, coffee body scrub and a relaxing massage totaling about 2 hours while indulged in a flower bath which was so pretty to behold, strewn with essential rose oils and rose petals all around. My chocolate body scrub lulled me into slumberland followed by a soak in the perfectly set up bath complete with candles and setting.
A showed ensued followed by a body massage. Alas, all too soon, the luxurious body treatment which left me feeling like new came to an end and I was ushered to the lounge area where Elvina was waiting after her treatment done in a seperate room. We sipped on hot ginger tea to our heart’s content.
I’ve been to many spas and am a fan of massages and body scrubs but I must vouch for the enduring feel good quality of the treament range at Ozmosis. Comparing notes, both Elvina and I noticed that our skins retained a glow for days on end following the treatment.
Those looking for an energising and deep cleansing fix will do well by settling for the ginger scrub which is perfect for getting rid of dead skin thanks to its beneficial heath properties including containing its salt content.
The Coffee Scrub meanwhile is perfect for a good detox session while being beneficial for curbing cellulite and reducing water retention. The Chocolate scrub is also a good redemdy for its moisturising effect which was perfect for me as I have sensitive skin.
For the massage, four different oil blends can be used including Rose comprising a beautiful smelling blend of rose geranium, lavender, rose, and ylang ylang. This common and luxurious blend contain properties capable of leaving the skin feeling relaxed and firm. Then, there’s also the balanced oil concoction mixed with lavender, bergamot, geranium and jasmine which is a good blend for those struggling through Premenstrual Symdrome (PMS) mood swings, fluid retention and stress. A bottle labeled Passion meanwhile contains an attractive concoction reminiscnet of orange, bergamot, cinnamon, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, cedar wood and ylang ylang. The scent alone is very uplifting. Finally, the final bottle labelled Spice hints at a powerful aroma blend containing spices such as myrrh, frankincense, patchouli, nutmeg, cassia, star anise, cloves, vanilla, cedarwood and orange, which are said to be able to calm stress, tension and promote a good peace of mind.
We were also given a tour of the private spa rooms, steam rooms and shower rooms.
Elvina raved on and on about how relaxing her massage session was with just the right amount of pressure, so much so she fell asleep. The lovely wipe down after the massage with a warm towel we both agreed, was the perfect antidote for us to freshen up for the day ahead.
The spa manager shared about the upcoming Mother’s Day promotion which they were in the midst of planning. Did you know that you can also book Ozmosis for an event gathering among your friends or industry peers? The wellness health spa is also perfect for couples massage therapies, ladies spa day, mother-daughter retreats and other type of regular social gatherings. Should you decide to book the space for your event, you are also able to select from an impressive menu of canapés and light finger food. The space is private, and the rooms are big enough to accommodate approximately 10-15 people for an intimate gathering with all the necessary SOPs in place in dealing with the ongoing pandemic.
We learnt that Ozmosis also conducts many social-outreach programmes which has been running for some 20 years now. So, the next time you need a pick-me-up, you know where to head to for your slice of wellness pie in the heart of Bangsar.

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