Own a piece of virgin forest!

The air was crisp and I could hear the call of the gibbons in the distance amid a background sound of singing cicadas.

Gibbons are most active in the mornings but you can hardly spot them as they are very shy. I have just woken up in a villa built by the side of a meandering river in a tranquil forest environment.

From my bed, my eyes could trace the river right up to the upper reaches towards the summit of the hills that fringe the forest resort at the northern end. A few birds flew by as I fully opened the sliding door. I stepped out onto the platform and breathed deeply the fresh air as the realization sank in that I was in a forest setting fully surrounded by some of the oldest trees in the country. This would be my second home when I retire, I made a mental note.

A soft breeze caressed me as I surveyed the peaceful and green surroundings of Gibbon Retreat. The view itself isresidents are also encouraged to socialize among themselves to create a community of residents who are happy in this ‘sanctuary of contemplation’.

Through the activities here such as hiking, hanging out at the Rockpool and barbequing, the residents can feel a sense of belonging thus making their stay even more enjoyable.

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