More relaxed immigration rules

New categories of visas and longer length of stay for all visa categories are some of the improvements.

Pursuant to the New Omnibus law, immigra tion requirements have mostly been relaxed for foreigners except for the new retirement visa,called Second Home Visa which imposes a ma nda tory 2bil Rp requirement in cash or equivalent such as property. This last requirement had ca used a lot of a nxiety to foreign retirees – until the government finally announced that foreign retirees on existing visas do not need to adhere to the new Second Home visa requirements. There will be no retrospective effect – a great relief no doubt to existing retirees.

But lingering doubts still rema in as to whether one fine day, a law will again be passed to make the implementa tion retrospective. This is Indonesia a fter all, infa mous for its burea ucra tic red tape. Even the sweeping Omnibus law can’t entirely abolish some of the red tape.

Having said that, to its credit, most visas’ length of stay has been extended.

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