Malaysia Airports Elevates Airport Shopping With #Shoplah

#ShopLAH reimagines international airports from functional transportation hubs to exciting shopping destinations

Malaysia Airports, the purveyor of new airport retail experiences, announced today the launch of its “Shop Like A Hero” campaign or #ShopLAH to spearhead the company’s commercial reset strategy that envisions its airports as vibrant, luxurious and exciting destinations.

#ShopLAH invites passengers to reimagine the airport transformed from being a functional transportation hub into a shopping destination in its own right with specially crafted premium shopping and dining experiences that will encourage them to ”arrive earlier at the airport so that they can shop like there’s no tomorrow.

“We have yet to realise the full potential of what our airports could be beyond our traditional revenue streams,” says Malaysia Airport Senior General Manager for Commercial Services Nazli Aziz.

“Globally, retail concessions are the largest source of non-aero revenue and we aim to emulate that with our airports. The downtown retail sentiment is very sombre but travel retail at airports continue to go on an upward trend. So, there is mass potential for us to leverage on this, while also addressing passenger behaviours that now value shopping experiences that provide a sense of exclusivity and personalisation.”

In line with Malaysia Airports’ commercial reset strategy, the #ShopLAH campaign seeks to elevate the retail, dining, and entertainment experience of its airport to a more premium stratum.

The organisation plans to achieve this by featuring more “firsts”, brands and by offering luxury goods exclusive only at its airports.

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