Lawyer turned health coach

Beth Wright is a Hong Kong-based functional medicine and health coach offering various programmes for women, as well as a corporate lawyer with 18 years of in-house legal experience. Beth offers holistic consulting and nutrition tracking to reset your metabolism as well as programmes for menopausal women.
Asian Property Review chats with her for an insight into her life.

1.How do you strike a balance between a corporate lawyer and a health coach?

I believe in balance and have always had a passion for health, fitness, and wellness. It felt natural to make time for those activities and interests, despite the demands of my career as a corporate lawyer. I would even say that (though very different), each role complements the other. I am a better lawyer because I look after my sleep, fitness, energy levels, and stress. I am a better health coach because of the skills I have developed as a lawyer – being a good listener, reading between the lines, investigating and problem solving.

Both roles require me to achieve an end goal in the most effective way whilst anticipating challenges and providing support. It’s a similar skills et for both contexts, just different issues and different goals. I love that I can cross-utilize my skills in two entirely different worlds!

Many of my clients have corporate jobs which makes the health coach-client relationship a natural fit. With my health clients, I get to know them inside out, their lifestyles, their goals and their challenges. My corporate background in a high-stress city such as Hong Kong allows me to relate to my clients, build a solid relationship and get them the results they want.

2.What was the biggest lesson in life you have learnt along the way?

Easier said than done but “don’t swea t the small stuff.” Life is the small things that happen daily and it’s incredibly easy to let that joy pass us by. I have learned to spend more time focusing on enjoying the present and being the best version of myself today. In parallel, I don’t wait until “tomorrow” to make changes happen and I’m not afraid to ask for help. We can waste so much time waiting to be “ready” when we will never be 100 % ready. So just give something a go and don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’ – there isn’t one. Lean into life!

Beth Wright

3.How does your signature Reboot & Reset work?

Reboot and Reset is a 4-week group online programme for fat loss and to get the pep back in your step and regain your zest for life. I provide the structure, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, activities and challenges. There is full accountability support from me and from the group, and participants have unlimited access to my time and advice.

4.How does functional medicine work the way you practise it?

I am a functional medicine health coach which means I work with doctors who take a holistic or ‘functional whole body’ approach. We look at the “whole person” which means lifestyle, diet, supplementation, hormone profile and lots of other factors. It’s a deeper, more personalised and more sustainable approach than old school dieting.

I work hand in hand with the client to create lifestyle strategies to help support them to reach their goals. This includes looking at diet, digestion, gut health, sleep, stress management, and hormone optimization. APR

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