Let your imagination run riot in this jungle arthouse in the historic city of Melaka.

Do not expect to find baboons in this lovingly restored Melaka Peranakan shophouse but you will be transported into another world – a jungle. A lush tropical jungle propped right in the middle of the famous Jonker Street area greets you as you enter Baboon House.

From the outside, it looks like a secret hideout where only those with the right secret code can enter. Thankfully, for outsiders like us, the doorbell suffices to open the doors.

Once inside, the atmosphere is surreal but very bright in and around the open-air courtyard in the centre. All around, there are plants, shrubs, creepers hanging from the ceiling, walls, staircases and just about anywhere. For a jungle lover, this is bliss – I could just sit here for hours with a book and try some of the restaurant’s signature drinks.

You cannot help but wander around on the ground floor of the shophouse, there is something interesting to discover at every turn almost as if there is so much history on display. There is an endless parade of antique furniture, old photographs, collectables, memorabilia, books, paintings, handicrafts, lamps, decorative and art pieces, recycled tools and much more. There is certainly no lack of memories in this veritable dream art house.

On the way to the washroom at the back, you pass a secret garden with more greens and another seating area. Along the corridor to the back, there are more exotic pieces competing for your attention.

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You feel like the whole building wants to tell you its many secrets and stories, if you have the time to quietly listen. Even the walls are not whitewashed but left in a time-worn condition with more stories to tell. One wonders what further mysteries await upstairs!

Owned by a young Malaccan artist, it pulls in many artists, enthusiasts and tourists who come to marvel at this unique house. Naturally, it has become one of the highlights of a Melaka tour.

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