Industry Outlook – FMCO: Offering Regenerative Cellular Therapy During The Pandemic

The weight of the pandemic has not spared many indus-tries. And, neither has the medical wellness industry been totally spared. However, TDOX Asia, being categorised as part of essen-tial services managed to still operate during the recent extended lockdown.
Although the number of its clientele decreased as people preferred to remain cooped up in their homes previously, the bespoke wellness clinic spanning 10,000 sq ft started seeing its clients coming back in a consistent and progressive manner in order to benefit from its new range of post Covid-19 infection treatments.
Dr Rubben, Medical Director of TDOX Asia and Chief Executive Officer of HITV Laboratory shares that despite the lockdown, the staff made sure its clients and patients realised that healthcare is becoming more important now especially in times like this. Now, more than ever, the immune system needs to be boosted which is key in the fight against this virus.
“We also assured our clients that we would be following very strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure that their safety and comfort were paramount especially during these trying times.
“Of course, we were also more active on webinars and online discussions in continuing to provide information and create awareness on the importance of them taking care of their health,” he adds.
“In line with TDOX Asia’s range of bespoke services, it worked to also provide thorough investigations and detailed consultations to ensure that its patients are well-informed on their medical options to fight against this virus.”
To add value and address the health concerns of its clients, pre and post Covid-19 therapies such as immune boosters and personalised nutritional therapies to assist the body and boost the immune system were introduced.
“We believe that everyone’s body is different and therefore, each therapy provided must be tailored to suit individual needs and requirements. We also provided cellular and regenerative treatments which will really come in handy especially in preventing Covid-19, and also in treating long-standing Covid-19 symptoms.
“We are able to improve most of these symptoms effectively and reduce the damage done to the body, which could be irreversible,” he adds.
TDOX Asia’s foresight in introducing a slew of innovative treatments too have resulted in customers turning up despite fear of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Having gotten the neccessary treatments, they have witnessed and benefitted from tremendous improvements in their health.
“For instance, we have seen patients with acute lung injury and post Covid-19 infection having successfully reduce their symptoms with improved lung function being recorded,” he says summarising the critical importance of seeking medical wellness treatments for the full recovery of the body as in the case of post Covid-19 infection.

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