Hot EXPO In Cold Market – Solutions For Buyers @ Swhengtee Expo

After the dust settles during the country’s most challenging time in history, pent-up demand is expected to drive the biggest crowd to a property expo.


The Malaysian property market has seen much battering from recent events – oversupply, Covid-19 outbreak and the political crisis – all conspired to cause a massive loss of investor confidence. So, where do we go from here?
Amid the worst ever market conditions in Malaysia, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is like the cycle of life and death where the end of an era sees a new one emerging.
“These are extraordinary times but like a phoenix rising from its ashes, the market will once again rise up to see better days ahead. This is simply because we are already at the bottom and the only way to go is up even if it’s a slow pick-up,” predicts Dato Sri Gavin Tee, a property expert who has seen the market ups and downs in the last 30 years. The catalysts to that are the underlying pent-up demand from investors and first-time homebuyers, and improved confidence once the political fog and the virus spread clear up.
To ease investors and market players into the new era of investing, an expo that caters to the new dawn of investing will open its doors end May. In line with the different market configurations and a recalibrated investment scenario, the expo will be very different from all other expos and even its previous iterations.

Regaining Confidence

“The confidence in Malaysia has been badly affected making everyone hesitate  to act. This expo, Swhengtee Expo will take the bold step of helping to stimulate the market by giving out the right information thus regaining the confidence of both developers and buyers,” says Tee.
“During these tough times, developers have lost the confidence in launching while investors wait and see. We hope to bridge the gap by giving the best channel for developers to kick off the next half year. Investors and homebuyers also get the best information and best investment opportunities to make informed decisions,” explains the market veteran.
Tee also emphasized on the timing of the expo, May 30th and 31st, as the best timing to jump back into the investing activities. “After the dust settles, which I predict will be sometime around April/ May, June will be the month that many activities will resume at full speed. June will be the turning point for the greatest rebound from the longest slump in the market. And the best time for the expo is the day before June which is 30th  and 31st May 2020. It is timed just before June to take advantage of the surge in interest following a very slow first half.”
He adds that Malaysia will be the first country to experience a tourism boom once the fog clears up, as the country is already primed and ready for Visit Malaysia 2020. “Our tourism sector has been badly affected but we will be the first among ASEAN to rebound once the dust settles.”

HostAStay, Your Rental Solution

“That’s why we are also partnering HostAStay which will give solutions to property owners on how to get and maximise their rental income potential. Many investors have a problem sustaining their instalment payments, so there will be a seminar, the Short Stay Summit, to address this concern.”
There will also be another seminar on how to find the right investment that gives the right rental, he continues. “We expect many home owners and prospective homebuyers to be very interested to find solutions. For the developers, this is the opportune moment to showcase what they have and to provide solutions.”
Emphasising again that the 2nd half of the year is the best time to enter the market, Tee cautions that “if you miss the boat, then you would miss it”.
“The market slump has been so protracted in the last few years that when it rebounds, it will rebound with a vengeance, and you don’t want to miss the boat when it happens,” he says.
“In a very ‘cold’ market condition, the hottest thing to hit the market is Swhengtee Expo. I believe June is the turning point for a rebound from the worst ever market conditions. The Swhengtee Expo’s timing on the last 2 days of May is perfectly timed. The 2nd half of this year and the next 2 years will be the best time for Malaysians to invest in the property market,” Tee recaps.

The Solution

Eric Lee, Deputy General Manager of Swhengtee Group, organising chairman of Swhengtee Expo agrees. “This is not an ordinary expo where you book a booth to showcase your projects. We have specially designed this expo to cater for unique market needs and conditions. There will be all kinds of programmes to educate investors to get on the right track within the next 2 ½ years, a crucial time which will determine your future investment success.”
Lee expects a very enthusiastic crowd of investors and prospective buyers coming to explore opportunities and seek solutions at the Swhengtee Expo. “Developers should not miss this opportunity to engage with them. Our message to the investing public will be delivered in a timely and consistent manner. We are more than just event organisers; we are concept creators and designers for the market, backed by a huge team of property experts who will join us in the event as speakers or panelists providing the most up-to-date opportunities and solutions.”
He adds that the biggest problems plaguing investors now are rental worries and financing. “Swhengtee Expo is where they can find solutions including for those in the tourism industry. They can find out how opportunities in tourism can make a lot of property investors change their lives. It could be a life-changing experience! Similarly for developers, this is their chance to get the first bite from the market’s rebound. Unlike the commonly held perception that this is the worst time to exhibit, this is in fact the best time.”
And so like a hero emerging from the ravages of war, Swhengtee Expo rises up to the occasion to provide the solution to the market. It is a time to be re-born.

Short Stay For The Long-term

Partnering Swhengtee Expo is HostAStay Berhad which organises the Short Stay Summit 2020, a must-attend event for all in the short-term rental accommodation (STRA) industry. The summit gathers all players from the tourism, property and short-stay industries to connect, collaborate and create more value in the short stay industry.
“We have 3 key objectives – register 90% of STRA operators, create industry awareness and provide a platform to connect all the stakeholders in the short stay industry,” says Jordan Oon, Founder & CEO of HostAStay Berhad.
Prominent personalities from the industry have been invited to speak including some ministers and representatives from Airbnb and Agoda.

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