Heritage Property Portal Debuts in Asia

The new platform supports heritage property owners in restoring and maintaining their properties, while offering immersive heritage stays that support cultural and architectural preservation.

Heritage Homes by Doh Ea in has la unched the first-ever platform dedicated to the preservation of privately- owned heritage homes, https:// ourheritagehomes.com/

The platform allows both heritage home owners and investors to collaborate to preserve the heritage homes with Heritage Homes by Doh Eain assisting at every stage if needed.

Recognizing the challenges that many heritage owners face in looking after their properties, the company provides them with technical support and sustainable income opportunities. The site allows private owners of heritage in Asia the opportunity to list their properties as bookable accommoda tion or for investment by heritage enthusiasts. The pla tform also fea tures a homeowners portal, giving access to a wealth of information in addition to guidance and support services.

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