Backed by excellent teamwork, new kid on the block powers forward into new decade.

Tee Soon Joo, CEO of Foreward Realty.

Foreward Realty Sdn Bhd is a forward-looking real estate agency that believes in teamwork. Led by a leadership team that has a combined experience of decades in the industry, the new kid on the block looks set to carve a name for itself as a savvy project marketing agency.
Foreward differentiates itself from the other agencies through the experiences its leaders bring to the table. “I’ve been on the developer’s side so I understand the nuances and needs from that perspective,” shares Tee Soon Joo, the CEO of Foreward Realty.
In addition, Steve Yap, Chief Sales Officer at Foreward, has prior experience in respected real-estate agencies, and Darien Mah, founder and chairman of FOREFRONT, brings his much-needed experience from the advertising and creative realm, while David Wong, its licensed principal, has 20 years of experience in the industry.
With such a high-flying team, it is able to come up with captivating marketing collaterals for developer projects including installing 3D tech for a more immersive experience for buyers.
Says Soon Joo, “The ways in which Foreward has grown efficiently, whether it’s the size of our team, the prestigious developer clients we’ve served, and the gross sales value captured to date, shows Foreward’s great promise in this industry.”

‘Home-made Success’

“As for our agents, “success” is made by the team itself. We’re a big family here in Foreward, run by a spirit of togetherness, with Steve, spearheading many of these efforts.”
Many would assume working in realty means having an individualistic career, like running your own business, but in truth, the people at Foreward work as a team to make sure all agents are fully utilising their talents to secure their sales.
“Our unique culture allows us to leverage on each team member’s strengths, with a common goal in mind, to assist our clients and buyers in closing deals that satisfy both parties, by listening to their needs,” Soon Joo emphasises.
In Foreward, everyone’s efforts are acknowledged, and the leadership is constantly training them to be leaders in their own right.
“We believe everyone in the agency has the capacity to succeed if empowered and equipped with the tools they need, so we’re hosting training seminars regularly, supplying them with the tools to anticipate fluctuating trends within the real-estate market, and educating them with the purpose of rising above the external competition.”
Soon Joo added: “We give ample personal and collective guidance, with a lot of lead-by-example instances, so that our agents never feel like they’re on this journey on their own. Foreward is their support system, and we aim to cultivate an environment that boosts team morale.“It’s also the reason why we invest in cultivating leadership qualities among our agents so that they can strive to be purposeful with their work, and not only build relationships with clients and buyers but forge meaningful connections within the company, so as to further advance in their career.”
As a new real estate agency, Foreward’s current business focus is centred on the primary market, selling first-hand projects directly from developers. Foreward is unique in the sense that it has long-standing relationships with leading property developers, built from years of work together with FOREFRONT.

“We give ample personal and collective guidance, with a lot of lead-by-example instances, so that our agents never feel like they’re on this journey on their own.“

The Foreward Team celebrating their wins at their Oscar Awards Night 2020 annual dinner.

With a property overhang clouding the market in recent years, Foreward is playing a bigger role in advising developer clients on ways they can more effectively entice today’s buyers looking to acquire property amid a tough financing market.
The agency also has a small team that focuses on the secondary market, led by a real-estate agent with 20 years of experience.


Foreward is part of the FOREFRONT ecosystem, and the entire creative group works closely with developers through different project stages, to craft the most effective promotional packages and sales strategies.
“We don’t just sell properties; we are always looking at the bigger picture, executing the best marketing strategies, utilising current data to drive our targeting, and selling in ways that appropriately appeal to the project’s target audience,” explains Soon Joo.
Founded in 2019, Foreward Realty is a licensed real-estate agency dedicated to improving the property selling and buying experience for all stakeholders, from developer clients to the regular buyer. As a solution-based subsidiary under the FOREFRONT group, it is committed to making the realty processes more appealing and effective for all parties, so that everyone wins.
Soon Joo is optimistic about the future saying, “We are proud of what we’ve been able to achieve so far, and we foresee significant scalable growth for our agency in the near future.”
This new kid on the block is definitely worth watching out for. The new decade will surely bring out its best judging by its exemplary set of attitude, work ethics and teamwork.

CSO Steve Yap personally training the team during one of Foreward Realty’s monthly Grand Meeting.


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