Fixing Food Shortages with Urban Farms

Urban farms are a win-win in every way; whilst fixing food shortages, they also help in reducing carbon footprint thus ensuring a sustainable source of nutritious food.

By Syaza S. Suhaili
Photography courtesy of Golden Farm Agrotech

Conventional agriculture certainly has its flaws namely from uncontrolled use of fertilisers and pesticides, freshwater wastage and the vulnerability to weather changes.

Do we have other options? Is there a way to reduce the footprint of our food production and protect it from destabilizing climate?

Rising to the challenge are a new breed of urban farmers, the nouveau farmers, who are reviving abandoned farms and spaces within the confines of the built environment ” CEA enhances plant growing systems, plant quality, and production efficiency, using systems like hydroponics and aquaponics. “ in order to produce food in higher yields.

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