FERRARI REVS OFF “Drive for Love 2020”


Joey Tong, Chairman of Ferrari Owners Club Hong Kong

To mark the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between China and Italy in 2020, and in a bid to spread the love, 100 Ferrari owners will flag off a drive covering 10,000 km in its inaugural initiative for its charity event drive covering 20 cities.
In an exclusive interview with Chairman of Ferrari Owners Club Hong Tong Yat Sing, Joey Tong who is also Executive Chairman/CEO of Berlinetta (Asia) Holdings Limited, he says that the timing is apt to launch this rally to mark the 45th anniversary diplomatic ties between China and Malaysia.
Being a Member of the Hong Kong TDC Garment Advisory Committee, he shares that the concept for this initiative was proposed by Dato’ Tan Su Cheng of PDI Design who is the Ferrari Chapter President for Malaysia.
“We spoke of organising something more solid and meaningful than just a drive. And, we all share the same idea that charity is the best thing, so we came up with a plan and programme which we intend to launch in Asia with a drive that commences in Indonesia journeying towards Singapore, Thailand and onward to China and then going down south to Macau,” he says.
“And then, from Macau to Hong Kong — connecting to China, and then back to China where we will use part of the One Belt One Road up north and then over to Beijing or Shanghai.
“100 Ferraris will be selected from 20 cities covering over 10,000 KM in a ‘Drive for Love 2020’ rally to raise funds for charity to benefit the countries visited. Launching off from Indonesia to Japan, Korea and United Arab Emirates (UAE), the rev off kickstarts on July 1, 2020 and ends on August 1, 2020,” he adds.
“This will be the first launch of this charity drive and we hope to continue organising this drive on an annual basis,” he sums about the charity drive.

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