Fangdao Club debuts

A new property investor club named Fangdao Club was launched on 1st January 2022 to educate investors on the new way of investing post-pandemic. Hosted in Chinese language, the platform is targeted at investors interested to invest in Malaysian property. Managed by Swhengtee International, the club offers free online courses, Zoom meetings with professionals like lawyers and bankers, private property events, networking opportunities, etc.
Led by principal trainer, Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee, the founder and President of Swhengtee International, membership allows you to interact with the trainers and access educational materials including magazine subscriptions. The club is currently on the lookout for 8 young trainee speakers to be tomorrow’s speakers or trainers to run courses or trainings on property-related topics such as law, financing, investment via Youtube, FB live, Zoom and offline events. APR

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