Enjoy your pre-flight meal @ Terminal 1

Situated about 25kms from Genting Highlands, Terminal 1 is a gastronomical flight not to be missed.

Text & Photography by Jan Yong

If fine dining in the jungle is your thing, check out the latest restaurant in town (or rather in the jungle) at Terminal 1, Domestic and International Cuisines which takes you on a gastronomical flight to a world far removed from its surroundings. It’s a novelty not to be missed if you happen to take the Batang Kali route to or from Genting Highlands, or if you happen to go hiking or camping at the nearby Sungai Kedondong.

Opened at the end of June, the restaurant with an aviation theme, has seen a steady increase in customers. Most of them found out about it from word of mouth as it has not gone on an advertisement blitz yet.

Grilled smoked duck breast


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