Durian Eco Park, A First In Malaysia

The board of directors of Sindiyan Group at the launch

Malaysia’s first Durian Eco Park is expected to start taking shape in about two to three years’ time, according to Jason Wong, CEO of Sindiyan Group Sdn Bhd.
“We are creating a plantation integrated with agriculture and eco-tourism, transforming into an internationally renowned Musang King Durian Eco Park that brings positive ecological and socio-economic development,” says Wong at the launch of Sindiyan’s durian investment scheme in Kuala Lumpur recently.
Located at Gua Musang, Kelantan, the Musang King Durian Eco Park is expected to offer Musang King durian and various tropical fruit and vegetable farms such as passion fruits, papayas and soursops. Proposed also are a petting zoo, fish pond, bee farm, durian museum, bird’s nest showroom, man-made lake (500 metres above sea level) and waterfall area.
For easy accessibility, Sindiyan also plans to build a private helipad and river wharf. To complement the various accommodations such as luxury villas and chalets, which are available for private ownership, the park will also offer an organic restaurant, hot spring spa, local products stores, and a cultural village.
Apart from picking and eating the various fruits, visitors can also participate in various activities such as hiking, cycling, jungle trekking, dirt bike riding and water rafting, Wong adds.

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