Dining By The River

Kemensah BBQ Lamb KL which is located right in the middle of the city jungle in the Ampang area nearby Zoo Negara or the National Zoo is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.
A hidden secret among foodies, the landmark to look for is Zoo Negara, with a 5km drive into the area.
Before the actual set up, the place has been operating for two to three years. The chefs behind this establishment used to work for five-star hotels until they decided to call it quits and extend this unique experience to denizens of the city.
Run by Abang Din and his wife, both are super hosts who are attentive to diners.
Having acquired a piece of land in the middle of the city’s jungle, the owners decided to offer its signature Kemensah BBQ land and a variety of cuisine including lamb, beef, duck and chicken in its meat platter offering. Seafood wise, lobsters, prawns, fish and squid are on the menu. The great news is that there is a free flow of ice lemon tea througout the dining experience (self-service).
Zyro Wong, having been invited for a food review here vouches for its authenticity.
“The food served here is of great quality while the pricing is reasonable. The food is sold per set basis with a choice of platters which can be combined or one can opt for ala carte. The “Three Musketeers” platter offering is resonably priced at about RM90, which comes in a choice of three meats accompanied by rice servings and free-flow of ice lemon tea throughout.
However, the undisputed highlight above all is the ambience, as a river cuts through this dining place. The less adventurous can opt to dine at the side of the river while those not faint of heart can dips their legs into the river while indulging in a hearty meal with family and friends. So, soaking your feet is optional. Just make sure you bring along your sloppy joes and slippers instead of fancy heels though… You have been warned!
Open for lunch when the ambience has sunshine streaming in, the forest area is very relaxing for a weekend sojourn with the family. Highly recommended as an area close to Nature in the middle of the jungle, the feel is really delightful. Nightfall meanwhile, will take on a more romantic feel, as the entire area transforms into a romantic dining area below a blanket of stars.
The freshness of the food items are guaranteed while the BBQ experience is unique, with the cooking based on burning wood to retain the authentic feel of the cuisine.
“The price is reasonable and the ambience is close to Mother Nature, being connected to her. It is a very cosy and unique ambience. Service is tip top, and attentive,” says Wong.
He cautions calling for reservations in advance as the queue can stretch on unexpectedly based on his own personal experience of turning up without advance notice whereby he ended up queuing for two to three hours waiting his turn to get a table.
The maximun diner capacity is about 100 pax but due to the lockdown, the place is not patronable for the time being.
Besides the excellent food, unique ambience and wonderful experience that can be treated as a wondeful weekend with the family, after a hiking trip with friends or for a romantic dinner under the stars. One shouldn’t miss out on taking great photographs either while wating for the food to be served.
It is no wonder the place is popping up all over social media by virtue of its photogenic nature, Capturing the wild imagination of city dwellers long held hostage to the brick-and-mortar setting and dwelling in the concrete city jungle, this is definitely one place to bookmark once the heavy lockdown is over and life resumes back to some resemblance of what we had in “The Old Normal”.
Till then, we can always reminisce and recap, remember and recollect our gems of memories to be revisited once again when lockdown is over. The towering trees of the jungle and calm river await your patronage. Until then… enjoy!

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