Digital Nomad paradise

Thousands flock to Bali every year to work remotely – what draws them and is this a good thing?

Bali has become one of the world’s top destinations for digital nomads in the last few years. These digital nomads or location- independent workers (mostly freelancers, influencers, content creators or company workers working remotely) are attracted by Bali’s spectacular sceneries, warm weather, friendly people, cheap accommodation, fast internet, diverse nightlife, lots of F&B options and sporting activities like hiking, surfing, diving and other watersports.

Most of them are located in Canggu, Uluwatu, Ubud, Jimbaran, and Sanur, where dozens of coworking and coliving spaces, as well as western restaurants, cafes and supermarkets sprout to cater to them. Depending on their lifestyle, the cost of living can range between USD700 – USD2,500 per month. Fees for coworking spaces can range from zero to USD20 per day, depending on what is being offered.

One of the most famous coworking and coliving spaces in Bali and probably the whole of Asia is Lost Creator House, founded and owned by Christian Le Blanc. Even the famed content creator Nas Daily had his Bali meetup sessions there when he was in Bali doing a shoot.

Due to space constraints, Le Blanc has had to limit the number of people who stay there with priority being given to members. To join this elitist coliving and coworking space, you have to fill up a form where you have to divulge what you are working on, your social media link, why you want to stay in Bali, and how you can contribute to Creator House and make it better (the latter is optional).

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