Decentralised lifestyle catches on

The underlying blockchain technology is permeating almost every aspect of the lifestyle of the future which is moving towards decentralisation.

The following is an excerpt from CNBC of a startling story of how a family moved to Portugal with their bitcoin fortune after discovering the Mediterranean country is a crypto tax haven.

Excerpt: “The family is currently shopping for real estate. They’ve narrowed their options down to three different plots of land, one as big as 250,000 acres, along the country’s southern coastline in the Algarve.

The plan is to run the community in a decentralized fashion, in which the land is divvied up by the square meter and sold as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, in order to signify ownership.

Taihuttu also wants to mine for bitcoin with solar and wind power and then use the heat produced by the rigs to warm houses in the winter, in a sort of closed-loop system.

The working plan, for now, is to use a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, to govern the community. DAOs run on blockchain technology.

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