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Is it worth it for foreigners to buy real estate in Vietnam?

For residential properties, since July 2015, new policies have allowed foreigners to own property in Vietnam. Since then, we have witnessed a strong stream of investment coming from foreign buyers alongside impressive absorption rate.

According to statistics from HOREA (Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association), in the span of 5 years from 2015-2020, there were 12,335 houses and apartments sold to foreign organizations and individuals.

HCMC’s average rents have risen at an average of 10% annually (except 2020 – 2021) since 2015 till now. With great demand for residential properties and positive economic indicators, the residential market in Vietnam is poised to continue to attract investors from neighbouring countries.

For industrial properties, after 30 years of the economic opening, the manufacturing industry in Vietnam has grown exponentially, as evidenced by economic and industrial growth indicators. GDP has achieved positive trajectory throughout the years even in the midst of the pandemic. The Vietnamese government has also completed a legal framework for investors, with specific guidelines for every level of local government.

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