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aAsian Property Review surveyed the fares of major Asian airport-to-citycentre rail services and found them to be exceptionally reasonable.
For frequent travellers whether on a budget or not, the train represents the best mode of transport from the airport to the city centre – it’s usually fast since it’s not subject to traffic jams, frequent and fairly seamless. And the best thing is it’s very cheap in some countries. Take for instance, the dirt cheap fares of USD1.30, USD1.33 and USD1.49 for Bangkok, Singapore and Delhi respectively.
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apr15_47Tokyo however stands out for its train fare of USD30 surpassing many other airport to city links.
The median fare is about USD13 – Seoul, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur fall in that category. In China, travelling from the airport to the central city area will set you back only USD3.75 (Beijing) and USD7.50 (Shanghai), still a bargain considering their global status.
The average travelling time is about 30 – 40 mins.
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