Celebrity's Carpet Craze Spills Over To His Residence

Welcome to the home of celebrity Dazrin Datuk Hj Kamarudin, no stranger to the Television screen, who is also now carving a niche in the carpet business, among others

Enter celebrity Dazrin Datuk Hj Kamarudin’s residence and you will be amazed that it is carpeted in style – every nook and corner you look. Indeed, even Aladdin would have been impressed.
This Taurus born in the year of the Dragon, the only son amongst three siblings who professes to be “a very simple person who loves creating arts” through his work which include acting, music and fashion design, shares that the serenity of the neighbourhood he resides in suits his personality to a tee.
“The best part about my home is the space and how my unit is positioned. What I love about the neighbourhood is that it has a very family-oriented vibe, is very peaceful and quiet where you can see kids playing around and just having fun during the evenings. It is a very safe environment for a family,” says this Malacca-born actor of his home shared with his wife Zuilin Razali and their adorable two-year-old son.


An alumni of the Western Michigan University majoring in Cinematography (film, video and media), he got his first break acting in the film Apokalips X. After getting married in 2017, he discovered a passion for business and also held motivational talks on various topics.
One of his four businesses lies in the Al Aqsa carpet factory in Shah Alam which explains his love for carpets that fill his house to the brim.
For the hall, he shares that he wanted a modern and classic look combined, hence settling for the Iranian carpet. The Ashrafi with shiny yarn was manufactured in the factory itself – double heated so it’s shiny, can stand up straight and is durable. The back of the carpet is as strong as the front side while it has an Iranian blue hue that is currently trending in the market. It is a classic design that can blend in with the modern classic feel. It gives the exclusive handtufted look but it is actually 100% machine-made. Hence, it has been labelled as “a miracle of the modern times” as this is an evolution of machine-made carpets.
“The main hall is one of my favourite places, being spacious with a calming effect. For this space, I have personally selected one of the most premium carpets known as the Ashrafi. This carpet itself is ‘magical’, livening the multipurpose hall which is where I have my meetings when people come over besides practising my religious activities or for light workouts here,” he enthuses.

The woven made-in-Turkey premium Al Malikii shaggy is placed beside the 10 ft by 13 ft Ashrafi in the main living hall. It is very thick with its yarns glued down to the bottom which comprise of polypropyl ene and cotton fibre combined. The blue has a mixture of green to make it sport a modern look while exuding a comfortable feel that goes really well with the surroundings.
Another attraction piece is the pathway connecting the main living room to the dining area which is also the entrance to the outdoor garden. Here, a very special Belgium-made viscose carpet known as the Zrabi made from the highest quality silk synthetic yarn  available in the market today was used.
“What is special about this beautiful piece is that it is able to blend in with the surroundings harmoniously while creating a balanced modern classic look in the main living area,  allowing a seamless transition from the rustic look chosen for the dining area,” he adds.
“The outdoor garden is another favourite spot of mine. This is another space where I do my studies and hold my meetings in the open space to catch some fresh air. The carpet grass is easy to maintain and it has Ultra Violet (UV) light protection which is very important to ensure colour durability.
“Besides that, it is also equipped with pores so that water naturally goes through it. This is another Aqsa product that is very easy to maintain as it is high quality and durable,” he elaborated.
His wife takes comfortably to the dining area which is complemented by a vintage looking premium rug and complementing wallpaper with a different effect.
“My son’s favourite space is his play area situated right in front of the television in the second living room where a Turkish carpet splattered with a splendour of colours make for a playful setting which is also subtly blended into the environment. We have chosen a very lively, unique carpet design for this area,” he adds, sharing how his son loves to run to the main hall to play with his electric car.

“As for the play area, we have some splatters that blend in well with the wallpaper and the dining area. This is a Turkish carpet which is a regular polypropylene carpet which is easy to vacuum and made for a kid to play on it. The splendour of the colours on the carpet make it playful and subtle enough to blend in with the other environment in the house.
Even the staircase landing deserves a mention, where a 100% polyester carpet which is shinier than silk perused out of different grades of polyester combined was used. The modern rustic concept is also alive and vibrant in the dining area where bursts of yellow and orange highlights on the wall make the carpet comprised of polyester and polypropolene yarn look more like a handmade modern classic sporting a Nordic design. The upside to this carpet is that it is much cheaper and more durable and you can literally use a water jet to shoot it down and clean it up easily.

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