Celebrating A&Wesome’s Festival

Malaysia’s first Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain held a grand celebration – more than a year since A&W Malaysia Sdn Bhd was acquired by Inter Mark Resources Sdn Bhd (IMRSB). The well-loved 56 year-old Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) brand resonates well especially among those who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s who celebrated their birthdays at its outlets with Rooty ® The Great Root Bear that well acquainted with its iconic Root Beear Floats and Coney Hot Dogs. The A&Wesome festival was patronised by the public who joined in the fun-filled activities feted by live music performances, arcade games and bazaar accompanied by A&W’s awesome food, beverage and desserts. True to the first drive-in outlet in Petaling Jaya, waitresses donning skates were seen darting about the car park serving patrons snacks.

George Ang, Chief Executive Officer of A&W Malaysia Sdn Bhd says the festival was aimed at bringing back fond memories for customers who have enjoyed dining at A&W, and to appeal to the new generation of customers with their current quality and tasty menu offerings while its social media outreach has garnered positive sentiments for the QSR chain “to be awesome again” and to continue to serve quality and tasty food that the older generations used to grow up with. He believes that the future of the QSR chain business lies in A&W’s ability to win over a new generation of Millennial customers with improvisation done to its signature Coney Hot Dogs such as Buttermilk Cheese Coney and Sichuan Mala Coney. Its Waffle To Go Kiosk now offers waffles and ice cream packaged to be eaten on-the-go with soft serve ice cream; and Float on Cone, which is a twist of Root Beer sorbet with vanilla soft serve.

Today, A&W has 48 outlets throughout Malaysia. A&W Malaysia plans to Increase the number of outlets, drive-in and kiosks. “In early 2020, we will be opening a very unique A&W outlet at Seventeen Mall in PJ that is hip and trendy, reliving A&W’s retro concept interior design. This outlet will be serving breakfasts and other meals throughout the day while you get to enjoy music from the 70s and 80s. The aim is to increase our current number of 48 outlets to 100 outlets, some of which are drive-ins and kiosks by 2021,” shares Ang

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