Cars Of The Year Malaysia Awards

Since it was first launched in 2002, the Cars of The Year Awards held to celebrate the best cars of the year has been growing at a positive rate. The brainchild of veteran motor journalist Yamin Vong now the CEO of Aiedah Communications, the award winners he says, are determined and selected by an independent and impartial panel of judges.
This year, the Proton X70 won the Overall Cars of The Year Malaysia 2019 award. Meanwhile, Proton CEO Dr Li Chun Rong was voted as the Automative Man of The Year.
Guest of honour Datum Aisha Ahmad, President if the Malaysia Automotive Association urges Malaysia to step up efforts in promoting Electruc Vehicles (EV) as he laments the “too high taxes” levied for Complete Built-Up (CBU) Cars.
“Early adopters buy EVs and we should Seri-rate taxes in CBU EVs to encourage buyers and start to grow the EV eco-system,” says Datum Aishah.
There were 19 category winners at  this year’s awards presentation.

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