BUKIT TINGGI Gem in Plain Sight

Bukit Tinggi, a quiet village overshadowed by its glamourous neighbour, Genting Highlands, is poised to see some hot action with more developments taking shape in the coming months.

Malaysia is blessed with a lot of land relative to its population of 32.7 mil (est 2020). Although Kuala Lumpur city centre is running out of development land, about one hour away outside the perimeter of the city lies a number of hidden gems nestled on hill slopes and pristine jungles, with rivers and waterfalls meandering through them.

One such underrated destination is Bukit Tinggi. For years, it has been overshadowed by its more glamourous neighbour, Genting Highlands. It was mainly known as the site of the Berjaya Hill French Village and Japanese Garden, and Selesa Hillhomes apartments. Few know that at the slopes of Bukit Tinggi are where the famous Bentong ginger is cultivated.

Despite being home to two golf courses, Selesa Hill Golf Resort and Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club, many have lamented Bukit Tinggi’s ‘boring but peaceful’ ambiance. Perhaps, they have not quite explored enough the quaint Bukit Tinggi Village (some people have suggested the village houses there should be painted in a colourful manner to turn it into a tourist attraction like the one in Indonesia). Or even the Bentong Hot Spring which is really nearer Bukit Tinggi along the old Jalan Lama Bentong trunk road.

This might change soon as more city folks realise its intrinsic value – mild climate of about 22-23 Celsius at night, a healthy environment, far and away from the madding crowd. Plus, the Internet connection isn’t too bad so one can actually live and work there remotely. It’s only a 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur. Social distancing is also virtually guaranteed due to the spacious surroundings.

There are several ongoing developments in Bukit Tinggi such as Aurel Sanctuary and The Enclave by Song Yan, both of which cater to this niche group of investors, some of whom are buying for their own occupation. Over the years, well-heeled investors have bought up a lot of freehold land in Bukit Tinggi and it’s a matter of time before more new developments start shaping up in this strategic location.

“Social distancing is also virtually guaranteed due to the spacious surroundings.”

Aurel Sanctuary

This ‘first-of-its–kind’ wellness development is marketed as an active senior lifestyle community haven for golden agers. With its ambiance of a hill resort and the many facilities catering to seniors, it’s the perfect setting for retirees who still live an active lifestyle.

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Located at 1,500 ft above sea level on freehold land, it comprises two 23-storey towers called Amity and Bliss.

The standout features of this development are the details where a lot of thought has been put into accommodating a senior’s physical and mental health. For example, there is a bench in the spacious shower room in case the person wants to sit down for a rest.

Beds are lower so that their feet can easily touch the floor, the doors and corridors are wider to accommodate a wheelchair or a stretcher, and there will be lights at the bottom of the wardrobe to make it easier for them to go to the toilet at night.

Beds are comprised of two super singles so that if one person is bedridden, the other bed can be replaced with a hospital bed.

Other details include hand holders near the toilet, rounded coffee tables and chairs to prevent the wheelchair from hitting them, and extra storage space at the carpark for each unit to store heavy equipment like golf bags and bicycles.

All units come fully furnished with branded electrical appliances, for example, TEKA.

There is also a planned hospital to be located on one level of the car park offerring a 24-hour ambulance service. There are shuttle bus and GoCar services as well so residents need only own one car.

Facilities include co-working space for semi-retired seniors who still work as consultants, advisers or mentors. The mandatory resort facilities are all there including a heated swimming pool, gym and jacuzzi.

At the time of our visit in July, we were informed that the management has not decided yet whether to sell or lease out the units on a 10-year lease. Currently, construction is in its early stages.


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