Building Materials In 'The New Normal'

Local techentrepreneur sees wellness focussed tiles as a game changer for the building materials industry

Everything has changed in “The New Normal” – with techentrepreneur Au Yee Boon, Executive Director of YB Ventures Berhad introducing the “Talos Living Tiles” collection. These functional tiles come with a focus on wellness and health. These tiles, he affirms, will be a game-changer in the building materials sector in “The New Normal”.
Au, who emerged as the largest shareholder of YB Ventures Bhd in July last year, and was also appointed as Executive Director, has pushed for the rollout of the company’s new range of products called “Talos Living Tiles”. These functional tiles work to improve indoor air quality, being coated with ground-breaking nano glazing technology to release negative ions that contribute positively to people’s well-being.
“With increased consumer awareness of health and wellness, we have seen rising demand for ‘Talos Living Tiles’. Feedback from both property developers and end-users have been extremely positive as the incorporation of advanced nanotech glazing technology has helped to bring negative ions into homes.
Medical research has shown that negative ions can help to improve lung function, enhance immunity, lower blood pressure, improve sleep and make people more energetic and alert,” says Au.
The Covid-19 pandemic has created a renewed focus on health and wellness, both in the workplace and in the Work From Home (WFH) environment. It will raise the standards and benchmark for building quality. In the post-Covid-19 world, all built environments will require careful considerations. Thus, it will fall on those in the construction industry, building materials sector and building management to promote a building culture that focuses on the pillars of health, wellness, safety, quality and sustainability.
Au, who is a firm believer in sustainable and inclusive growth for the Malaysian community, shares that consumer demands are changing like never before and people are no longer willing to sacrifice the environment for day-to-day comforts.
He believes that it is important for the industry to look at health, wellness and sustainable in a more comprehensive manner.
The Group has conducted various studies to ensure the production of “Talos Living Tiles” is done in an eco-friendly environment without sacrificing the features that help to promote the well-being of its customers.
“What we want to do is to adopt sustainability practice at every level of the organisations in order to achieve a circular economy. We have implemented some of these measures in our production of the Talos Living Tiles. Moving forward, we are also looking to tap into renewable energy in our production to reduce the carbon footprint of our factories,” he adds.

Coping With Co-Working Spaces

Just like many other industries, the co-working sector was also impacted by the various Movement Control Orders (MCOs) we have had this year.
With these lockdowns in place, we weren’t able to tour new prospective tenants to replace a proportion of our contracts that expire every quarter.
Fortunately though, Colony is well-capitalised to see it through the tough times.
We’ve also since expanded to launch Jerry, our new affordable co-working space that goes for RM250/month for a private office. Our first location is in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and demand looks promising post-MCO.

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