Best Deal 6M Campaign

We will be launching a 6-month Property Sales Campaign “BEST PROPERTY DEALS 2020” which aims to assist SMEs or individuals who urgently need to dispose of their properties to tide them over this crisis.

Your property might be the only opportunity that can change your life. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, real estate owners have been facing rental and disposal woes. SMEs are also facing a cash flow crunch. The problem is magnified when there is a property in hand which is not generating any income at all, hence becoming a burden instead. How do you get out of this tight spot?

Backed by our many years of expertise and a very strong network, coupled with our multiple channels of promotional activities, we are in the best position to help restructure your portfolio, business or even to refinance your property to suit your business needs.



这个平台,我们会用我们最丰富的资源,以最专业的知识,最强的人脉,在短期里面,为有潜能的房地产急售出去并套现。或者是通过再融资 (Refinancing) 把它套出现金,延续企业生命。


Difficulty in getting refinancing? That’s our forte – we can help you get your needed funds in the shortest possible time. We understand time is of the essence. Every minute counts.Are you in an urgent rush to sell your property? Our team is specially trained to help you manage this emergency.



Having cash in hand and looking for the best investment? Where can you get the best value?

Contrary to the belief of many people, the best house is not always the cheapest; instead, the best house is the one that rebounds in value the most within the shortest time. We know how to identify these properties.

Waiting for the BEST TIMING might backfire; waiting often allows opportunities to slip away. To get the best timing, you have to be at the right place – and being here IS the right place now.




For Corporates, Developers and Land or Building Owners:
No matter how big a project is or the sheer quantity of units, or how huge the corporation or landowner/developer is, we can help untangle the knots that the MCO has unleashed.
Our well-connected network of local and foreign Fund Managers, Investor Groups and Bulk Purchasers are on the ready to JV or acquire.

We provide services such as restructuring, joint ventures and marketing consultation. Our professional team and fund institutions will work out a comprehensive plan to reach a win-win partnership in this 6-month campaign. We have also designed some creative concepts and strategies that have not been seen in the market.

For those who desire a private meeting with our platform chairman Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee, we can arrange that. Gavin, who has successfully navigated and concluded property deals during good and bad times, will personally arrange a professional team to serve you under his supervision! Welcome to our VIP room!




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